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Valerie Trapp
Valerie Trapp '22 is a staff writer for Arts & Life and a contributor to The Grind. She is from Florida and the Dominican Republic and studies English and International Relations.

Spooky reads for Halloween in quarantine

In October, the year is waning. Time plays tricks on us in October: the daylight lessening, the nights “endless.” It is the month of hauntings too — of extended twilights and sudden changes in the wind. It marks the beginning of the period in which we recount the year that has passed us by. It is the time to remember.

Margaret Atwood and Jia Tolentino talk Harper’s Letter and horoscopes at New Yorker Festival

On Oct. 6, New Yorker staff writer Jia Tolentino interviewed Atwood for the New Yorker Festival. Held once a year, the festival migrated to an online format in 2020 but retained its star-studded lineup of speakers including Malcolm Gladwell, Jerry Seinfeld and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. During the hour-long conversation, Tolentino and Atwood discussed the November election, the Harper’s Letter on cancel culture and how to ward off numbness towards current events.

Danny Ritz ’23 on his first EP, love and the binary numbers system

Ritz, in personality and style, struggles to fit definitions. He is equal parts zany charisma, emotional depth and science wizard Bill Nye. This September, I spoke with him about his first EP, “Hence the Heart,” released on Aug. 14. Over a two-hour call, we discussed his process, life story and how love to him is a bit like the binary numbers system. Like Ritz, the six-track record exists at a confluence of genre and style — the electronic mixing of Frank Ocean, the crisp falsetto of Freddie Mercury, the alternative heartbeat of Björk.

Looking for one good thing in San Francisco

When the smoke cleared, off I went looking for one good thing. This is what I found south of Market Street in San Francisco. Everywhere around you, a world brimming with care: seven billion people circling a Sun, enduring so much, ablaze with the choice to fill that time with joy.

The Bridge struggles with counselor shortage

The Bridge Peer Counseling Center, known colloquially as “The Bridge,” is facing a shortage of student counselors. Bridge staff members are working to improve both its attraction and retention of counselors through increased advertising and community building.
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