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Tracy Vu

Welsh artist Gareth Barker brings jazz-pop fusion to music scene

While only 18 years old, Gareth Barker has already gained international attention in his newly founded music career. Recently arriving back to New Zealand after months of continent-hopping, Gareth Barker takes a break from the recording of his new album to speak with The Stanford Daily about his music journey so far.

Intermission explores Orange Avenue

Recently, electronic dance music has been taking over the radio stations, but remember when every car was pumping MGMT’s “Electric Feel” or when every shopping center was blasting Foster the People’s “Pumped Up Kicks”? While those days are gone, indie bands are still producing great music - bands such as Orange Avenue, an indie rock band hailing from Daytona Beach, Fla.

The Fresh Set: Wiley Webb

Wiley Webb has been going to electronic dance music (EDM) festivals since he was 15. He has produced music for nearly four years and just a few weeks ago, he played at Ruby Skye with the likes of 3lau. He has even hung out with Ferry Corsten backstage. All of this, mind you, before completing his first year at Stanford.
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