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Caffeine rush

Coffee is finding an ever-firmer foothold at Stanford. In the last few years, coffee shops have sprouted up in every corner of campus. Coupa Cafe now offers coffee from three different locations: Two are located in University buildings in the Science & Engineering Quad while another serves coffee between Green and Meyer libraries, not to mention the automated machine that serves students 24/7 on the first floor of Meyer Library.

Q&A: Matt Olson talks Jeopardy!

Matt Olson ’14 [a Daily copy editor] progressed to the semifinals of the “Jeopardy!” College Championship after winning his quarterfinal game, which aired Feb. 6. The symbolic systems major competed in the televised round against Monica Thieu from the University of North Texas and Zach McDonnell from the College of William and Mary. The prize for the final round of the college championship is $100,000.

COSAT leading the way in South Africa

There is, however, reason to hope for the children of Khayelitsha. We visited the Center of Science and Technology (COSAT), a school that has been declared one of the best in South Africa. COSAT educates the poor children of Khayelitsha free of charge, using funding from non-governmental organizations (NGOs). Adolescents from grades eight to 12 are given rigorous educational training–they attend school from Monday to Saturday and receive subsidized transportation and free lunch. The funding, teacher dedication and student passion for learning, despite parental apathy in many cases, ensures that these children have a chance to attend tertiary educational institutions once they graduate from COSAT. The school’s matriculation rate is 83 percent! COSAT has set an example in the region, with other schools attempting to copy its model.