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Stanford Jazz Consortium hosts Charged Particles, discusses campus jazz culture

The Stanford Jazz Consortium (SJC) is a student-run group, which welcomes both avid jazz lovers and curious musicians in the Stanford community. The group organizes on-campus performances and master classes with acclaimed jazz artists. SJC hosted its first guest performance on Sept. 30: The Jazz Trio Charged Particles – featuring Murray Low on keyboards, Aaron…

Top 5 tips for freshmen

1. Don’t forget to take care of your health

Life on The Farm contains all sorts of thrills. With the fast pace of the quarter system, it is imperative that you, the wise and proactive Stanford freshman, prioritize well and maintain your health. Maybe good health entails calling your parents each day, taking scenic runs across campus or trekking to Bing Concert Hall for a live performance. Take note of the things you are grateful for each day. Remember that health resources exist if you need them, including your friendly PHE, The Bridge Peer Counseling Center and CAPS.

Say “yes!” to Jason Mraz’s new album “YES!”

One exuberant “Yes!” is all it takes to get rolling in Jason Mraz’s love-steeped world.

Jason’s fifth album, “YES!,” comes out on July 15. The new release embraces acoustic soul and celebrates positivity with songs that see hope even in loss. In addition to Mraz’s coaxing tenor voice, the four women from folk-rock band Raining Jane combine traditional instruments with cajón, sitar and ukulele to create exotic nuances sure to tickle any listener’s ears.

The Sloth’s Summer Guide

Whether you’re abroad doing charity work, on campus for a summer quarter internship or elsewhere enjoying a new and energizing scene, make time for some downtime to recover from the school year. The Sloth’s Summer Guide should springboard you into staying active and connected with yourself and the world around you. Try an activity or two, or try all ten!