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Shirley Yarin

Hailing spring through Holi

This weekend, the 5,500 pounds of blue, red, yellow, green and orange powder at Holi represented the ashes from this myth. The tradition of throwing colors is also attributed to the blossoming colors of spring, from a past in which India was predominantly an agrarian society following the seasonal crop table. “Holi is now seen as a Hindu cultural tradition that transcends religious boundaries,” said Asha projects coordinator Arvind Krishna, a fifth year Ph.D. candidate.

Living la vie française

La Maison Française, otherwise known as French House, is an undergraduate cultural themed house located on the Row. It is a self-op, run and organized by its residents.

Taking the dance floor

Jammix is a space where students who take Social Dances of North America can practice, share steps they’ve picked up and invent new ones. Attendees generally consist of current students and local alumni who come back to campus just for the night.

Unearthing the past for clues about the future

A square meter of any archaeological dig tends to unearth bones, stone tools, ceramics, textiles--a little of everything--and a lot of dirt. Some might call it playing in the dirt. Others just dig for expensive artifacts. For history and classics professor Ian Morris, it is an opportunity to unearth the past in a way that helps explain trends of the present.

Stanford grad’s hot wheels

A brainchild of Kent Frankovich M.S. ’10, Revolights are LED lighting systems that connect to the bike’s wheels, producing a white light on the front half of the bike and a red light on the back, which allow bikers to see more clearly and increase their visibility. The idea for the lighting system struck Frankovich while he was completing his master’s degree in mechanical engineering at Stanford, when he noticed the shortcomings of his traditional, handlebar-mounted light, which pointed ahead but did not offer the rider much visibility from the side.
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