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Culture Found: PAIFF

People who complain that Stanford has no culture don’t look in the right places. They may misguidedly pander their misery to the sympathetic ears of partygoers and pedantic hipsters who count fraternities, athletic wear and Will Ferrell among their pins on a “Loathe” board. The merry seeker of cultural-delight finds, instead, steadies himself with the…

Lunice, Show Stealer

At 330 Ritch in the bowels of San Francisco, Rockie Fresh was set to play. After half a dozen emcees tried their hand at the mike with varying degrees of blunder, the audience was not having it. For a 7:30 ticket time, by 10:20 the energy was like a roaring Stanford crowd at a Cardinal ping-pong tournament. And then, Lunice took the stage.

‘Looper’ Journey in Time and Genre

From what might certainly be one of the best-spliced trailers of 2012/the summer/all time, moviegoers might expect from director Rian Johnson’s latest, “Looper,” a mind-bending, time-traveling bounty hunt wherein a Bruce Willis version of a main character aims to kill a Joseph Gordon-Levitt version of said main character (or vice versa?). Mix in some Emily Blunt, Jeff Daniels, club scenes and dub-step, and the stage of cinematic expectations has been set.