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Sarah Wishingrad
Sarah Wishingrad '18 is a former Desk Editor for the University/Local beat. She is a History major from Los Angeles, California who loves politics, the waffles at Coupa, and all things Jane Austen. Ask her about her dog, Hamilton, at swishing 'at'

Creative submissions from San Bruno Jail

The following pieces were written by inmates in the San Francisco county jail in San Bruno. The writers belong to a group run by the Stanford Prisoner Advocacy and Resources Coalition and managed by two Stanford students, law student Amanda McCaffrey and PhD candidate in Sociology Sophie Allen. The writers’ full names have been withheld…

New Year’s resolutions from around campus

“I’m looking to spruce up the Tree Room a bit, add a few new dance moves, open up treeKoin for an ICO, solve everything everywhere ever at every time, and maybe survive CS107.” – Anaxi Mars ’18, current Stanford Tree “Make more time to spend time with loved ones. We sometimes have such a hectic…

Year in review through Daily articles

Jan. 11: Stanford revamped Full Moon on the Quad. Jan. 27: The Band’s suspension was lifted. Jan. 31: John Etchemendy planned to step down as University provost after 17 years. Feb. 6: A Stanford graduate student sued President Trump over the travel ban. Feb. 10: Stanford fired a sexual assault lawyer who had criticized the Title IX…

Spirit of the Daily [copy ep]

“Staying up each night to get the paper out and then breakfast at an all-night place.” Thomas C. Dawson ’70, managing editor “The endless hours of putting out the newspaper, walking across campus at 2 a.m., getting up and doing it again.” Ivan Maisel ’81, sports editor “Leaving the office at 3 a.m., I looked…

Resolution to rename buildings named after Father Junipero Serra gains support, faces backlash

In early February, the ASSU Undergraduate Senate passed a resolution requesting that the University rename all places on campus that bear the name of Junípero Serra, a Catholic missionary who colonized California for Spain in the 18th century and created the California mission system. Both the Graduate Student Council (GSC) and the Faculty Senate have since passed the resolution, officially supporting the effort for renaming. Ultimately, the decision now rests with the administration.

Stanford Birthright trips stirs controversy among students

The kibbitz-means-chat email listserv has traditionally been at the heart of political debate within the Stanford Jewish community and often serves as a forum to discuss the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. A month ago, on January 18, the chat list’s political tensions flared in the context of Stanford Birthright trips, leading to ongoing debate.

Community mourns suicide of University of Hyderabad student

On the evening of Jan. 27, Stanford students and community members gathered in White Plaza to mourn the death of Rohit Vemula, a student at the University of Hyderabad in India who committed suicide earlier this month. Vemula was a Dalit, a member of a lower caste in India that suffers from discrimination and oppression. Attendees of the vigil and teach-in in White Plaza discussed the caste system in India and oppression of Dalits in particular.

Stanford reverses campus ban on Joe Lonsdale

Stanford University has reversed its order banning Joe Lonsdale ’04, co-founder of Palantir and founding partner of Foundation 8, from campus. The 10-year minimum ban had originally been instated due to accusations of gender violence, sexual assault and sexual harassment, among other charges, by Elise Clougherty ’13.

Stanford revises plans to renovate plaza in Menlo Park

On Monday, Sept. 28, Stanford submitted its revised plans for Middle Plaza at 500 El Camino Real in Menlo Park. The proposal has been changed in order to incorporate a driveway and enlarge the plaza space as well as to include a different architectural design. The new plan also decreases the amount of room for commercial offices and provides space for rental housing units and retail.

Stanford opens new AI and automated driving research center

On Sept. 4, Stanford announced that it would be opening a new research center devoted to artificial intelligence and building autonomous cars. The SAIL-Toyota Center for Artificial Intelligence (AI) Research is the result of a partnership between the Stanford Artificial Intelligence Lab (SAIL), researchers at MIT and Toyota, which has pledged $25 million to support Stanford’s research on artificial intelligence.
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