Samantha Gilbert

Stanford Solar Car Project unveils new car

Featuring greater energy efficiency and handling than previous designs – while weighing in at only 375 pounds – Luminos, this year’s million-dollar product of the Stanford Solar Car Project, was unveiled last Friday, just a few weeks before the car is to be shipped to the Australian outback to compete in the World Solar Challenge.

Stanford Taiko brings the beat to Thailand

Concluding a year marked, among other aspects, by the purchase of new drums, Stanford Taiko recently completed a two-week tour of Thailand in which the group – on its fourth tour of the country since first visiting in 2000 – performed eight concerts in six cities.

A community of creativity

Sometimes on a campus widely known for technology and science, it’s easy to overlook its vibrant, but at times lesser-known, arts community, particularly within the student body. Cue the Spoken Word Collective, Stanford’s student-run poetry group. For the poets, the group is all about cultivating emotion and generating explosive written and spoken poetry. A decade…

Master of the medieval

  For Elaine Treharne, the Stanford English Department’s newest addition, it’s all about the past — or in Treharne’s case, medieval studies, her discipline of choice. “For me, [medieval studies] is about connecting with people from the past, and also recognizing that people from the past are affected the same as us, even if the…
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