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Richard Coca
Richard Coca '22 has previously served as editor of The Grind for volume 258, managing editor of Satire in vol. 257, and CLIP Co-chair in vol. 255. He is majoring in Human Biology and minoring in Anthropology. Contact him at rcoca 'at'

What comes after the pause

As the country has started vaccinating about 1.6 million people per day, hope has become much more tangible and the end of this nightmare feels closer and closer, but the question remains: What comes after the pause?

Fact check: Did the Faculty Senate vote to acquit Trump? No.

The Stanford Occasionally Twitter account accidentally posted a tweet reporting that Stanford’s Faculty Senate voted to acquit former President Trump. Our social media manager simply mistook the US Senate for the Stanford’s Faculty Senate and misattributed the vote to acquit Trump to them.
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