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Regina Kong
Regina Kong '22 is a writer for the Campus Life beat. Contact her at reginak 'at'

When home is no longer home

Halfway into my first quarter at Stanford, I finally called my mother. Hearing my mother’s voice on the phone, I recalled a memory of home and fractured something within myself. Time, I’ve learned, seems to work differently here, where daily life takes on a dizzying pace. At Stanford, it’s so easy to forget the world…

Ellen Ochoa discusses life as astronaut, diversity in STEM

On Tuesday afternoon, Ellen Ochoa M.S. ’81 Ph.D. ’85 — the first Latinx woman in space — spoke about the career path that led her to become an astronaut. During the talk, Ochoa asked her audience to think about how scientific research could factor into their own “system[s] of understanding the world.”
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