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Rachel Zarrow

In Good Taste: Dressing up your salad

Making the perfect salad is slightly more complicated than throwing lettuce in a bowl and calling it a day. But it’s not so complicated as to justify buying a premade salad at the grocery store or always going out to eat a salad. There are no steadfast rules to salad-making, but these guidelines will make your salad something you look forward to (like taking an IntroSem) rather than something mandatory and boring (Thinking Matters).

Muesli: From Switzerland to your Dorm Room

n America, muesli is the best-kept breakfast secret. I’m convinced that only a few people know about the glory of muesli, and that they are trying to keep it away from the mainstream. But I believe in equally delicious breakfast for all, so I’m going to break the veil of silence.

Palo Alto’s Got Sol

I liked Palo Alto Sol before Mark Zuckerberg did… or at least before last Friday’s New York Times reported that he did. According to the Times article, Palo Alto Sol was one of the restaurants chosen to cater his wedding to Priscilla Chan on May 19.

In Good Taste: Taste of Palo Alto takes the cake

Last Sunday marked the third annual “A Taste of Palo Alto” event. Hosted at Stanford by the brothers of Phi Kappa Psi and the sisters of Alpha Epsilon Phi, the charity event featured many local restaurants that donated servings of their specialties to benefit the Ecumenical Hunger Program in East Palo Alto.

In Good Taste: The Oaxacan Kitchen Mobile

Food trucks are a good idea…in theory. In reality, however, many rely solely on fast methods of cooking such as deep-frying and use less-than-fresh ingredients. The Oaxacan Kitchen Mobile, however, defies all of my preconceptions about food trucks.

In good taste: Stanford Cafes

Since spring has sprung here on the Farm, I’ve been finding myself coming up with more and more excuses to spend time outside. Given Stanford’s incredible and extensive campus, one can do virtually anything outside – study on the Oval, go for a run at the Dish or eat al fresco.

In Good Taste: Holla for challah

Growing up in a Jewish household, challah was about as standard a staple in my family’s kitchen as butter is in anyone else’s. My parents would purchase a large challah on Friday afternoon that we would eat with dinner on Friday night as well as for breakfast on the weekends.

In Good Taste: A foodie’s Ferry tale

A few weeks ago, I rekindled an old flame: the Ferry Building in San Francisco. The Ferry Building Marketplace is a fantasy world for foodies and hungry college students alike. What was originally built in the late-19th century as a center for ferryboat commuters now, after various renovations, operates as a gourmet marketplace.

In Good Taste: Lotus Thai Bistro

A perfect world would be full of delicious hole-in-the-wall restaurants, each tucked away on some unassuming side street, waiting to be discovered. In a place as pristine (and often pretentious) as Palo Alto, finding such an establishment often seems impossible—many places that, at first glance, appear to meet the qualifications are priced in a way that immediately disqualifies them.
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