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Noor Fakih

From the Community | Abolish Stanford Greek: ResX is doomed to fail from the start

In a survey done by the Daily, 60% of students reported that they believe Greek organizations should be dehoused or removed from campus, Abolish Stanford Greek’s Instagram @abolishstanfordgreek documents countless stories of harm done onto the student body by Greek organizations, and ResEx has done its own research. I can’t help feeling disappointed that the Stanford Administration has not made the decision to unhouse Greek organizations yet.

Abolish Stanford Greek life: Confessions from an ex-sorority president

And I’ve been tired for a long time. Being in Greek Life, knowing what I know, experiencing what I experienced – I have had my fill of exhaustion and pain to keep me tired and outraged for a lifetime. And I don't even have the hope that things will get better – that it was worth all the sleepless nights, the countless hours, the panic attacks, the constant work – because, at this point I know it’ll never even come close to the empty promises thrown around during Recruitment. Not in this current system, not with the way things are. And you’ll get to hear why soon enough.
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