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Grief on the quarter system

Grief does not come with an expiration date. My body and mind do not process pain within the framework of a time span. What I feel does not operate with the courtesy of stopping around week 9 because of dead week and finals. My grief is unconcerned with poetry shows, talks about feminism, and assignments that are two weeks overdue. It does not conduct itself like a business; I will not be fine or “better” within in 10 working days.

Can we not be ‘fake deep?’

In this age of readily accessible memes and Tumblr pictures about love, beauty, and liberation, everyone can be “deep.” We can post pictures of the ocean or pensive selfies, and caption it with a quote from BrainyQuote and watch the retweets and likes roll. We know how to snap when we hear peer-friendly buzz words about oppression and we can offer, “mmmmm” when we hear something we really like.

Taking back the Angry Black Woman

When used by others as an insult, the controlling image of The Angry Black Woman has caused Black women to feel isolated, humiliated and suffocated for far too long. A controlling image is more than a stereotype. It’s a prophecy everyone is looking for Black women to fulfill; therefore whenever a Black woman even raises her voice, she automatically is seen as: intimidating, scary, ill-tempered, feisty, wrathful, bitter, and ultimately “The Angry Black Woman” who must shrink into their controlling image.

Self-care is resistance

At Stanford, we have the privilege of resources many do not have access to outside of this bubble. It is important to acknowledge this fact for our own well-being while navigating hostile spaces. When we leave here, we must work to make self-care a part of our lives, and strive for self-care implementations in our home communities who may not have access to other options.