Matthew Turk
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Lake Shore Drive: Upper school

Going into high school, I knew the games were over, but I still kept up my charade for as long as possible. I wanted to maintain the illusion that I had a sense of wonder, not that I could take a test, writes Matthew Turk.

Lake Shore Drive: Middle school

When will I ever return to that boy who loved the spirit of learning and living life for the sake of it? Instead of being inclined to spend hours on end building circuits, that’s now something I’d have to force myself to do, writes Matthew Turk.

Stanford economists weigh in on Robinhood controversy

Two weeks ago, individual traders sent video game retailer GameStop’s stock ballooning to a closing price of $347 — a 2,000% increase from that of the previous month — to the chagrin of institutionalized investors who have been betting on the stock price falling in a tactic known as "shorting" the stock.

Merely a writer

Now as a frosh at a Division I school, all I can do is sit in the stands (or this year on the couch) and stare in awe at my classmates who have achieved superior athletic prowess. But for the decade or so between second grade and my graduation from high school, sports played an integral part in my life.

Locked in

When we are toddlers, everything in the world, it seems, is full of novelty. There had to be a first time when I saw a butterfly break free from its cocoon and take flight, or a first time when I saw something as mundane as an apple.
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