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Marks My Words: TV Show-offs

It was a warm, lazy afternoon, and the BBQ was going splendidly. We joked about the strange antics of our parents, and then one person blurted out, “My mom is really good at dressing up like Dwight!” Bursts of laughter ensued, and I joined along even as I groaned inwardly. I knew what would happen next. I reached for a pita chip, took a hefty dollop of hummus and leaned back in my chair, physically removing myself from the conversation. It happened. And it lasted for a good ten minutes.

Marks My Words: Hear We Go Again

It was past midnight as I sat with a friend at the 24-hour Fed-Ex/Kinko’s, sharing a King Size Kit-Kat bar. We reminisced, as seniors are wont to do, about how we met. “Let’s see. I used to talk to [insert name of mutual friend] all the time because he was a really good listener. So I kept dropping by his room, we became friends, then I guess I met you through him.”

Marks My Words: Using My Faculties

Two summers ago, I landed my first research assistantship with a professor. After hearing about his expertise in the field, I only became more nervous about our fateful first meeting. On that day, I was literally shaking when I walked into his office, and this was already after I stood outside his door for five minutes taking deep breaths in order to regulate my breathing. I still wonder what he must’ve thought when I advanced meekly into his office and introduced myself in a quavering voice. And now, as I look back on it, he was probably thinking, “What’s wrong with her?”

Marks My Words: The Glory that was Greece

Over this past spring break, I was fortunate enough to travel to Greece for a week with a group of other seniors. Inspired by the stunning landscapes portrayed in the movie version of Mama Mia!, we impulsively purchased our tickets in November and did little else. When the time for our journey arrived, we had done almost no preparations aside from booking flights and hostels. Sitting on the 11-hour flight from SFO to Munich, I racked my brain to come up with things I knew about Greece. Food: I knew about the food. Moussaka? So good. Feta cheese? Second best cheese ever. Hummus? Trick question. Hummus is from the Levant, not Greece. And knowing that, I felt adequately prepared.