Michael Whittaker

Ben Shapiro: As a matter of fact

For the more wizened and jaded among Stanford student politicos, the reaction to Ben Shapiro’s imminent appearance has been unsurprising. It’s now become a cliche: Republicans bring a speaker further right than Barack Obama to campus, leftist activists claim this to be an affront to basic decency and an existential threat to some shibboleth, and…

SCR on D’Souza

Tomorrow, Stanford College Republicans (SCR), in partnership with YAF, will host Dinesh D’Souza in Cemex Auditorium. No tickets are required for students, as students simply need to present their SUID. During his lecture D’Souza will discuss the racist and totalitarian history of Progressivism, and he will make the moral case for Trump’s border wall. As…

KZSU to file Constitutional Council suit against Senate, Smith announces in Senate meeting

In the 21st meeting of the 19th Undergraduate Senate on Tuesday evening, KZSU general manager Caleb Smith ’17 M.A. ’18 announced that he will file a Constitutional Council suit against the Senate on behalf of the Stanford radio station. Smith, who is also a Daily staffer, alleges that the Senate violated a section of the Constitution that requires the location, time and agenda for ASSU meetings to be made publicly available. Smith says that he should have been able to attend a meeting that determined the apportionment of funds recommended for KZSU between the undergraduate and graduate ballots.
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