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Speak Out

Only 12 percent of rapes of college women are reported to law enforcement. As cited in the same Time article, a 2007 study by the National Institute of Justice found that over a third of victims did not report their assault to law enforcement, because they were unsure whether what “they had experienced was a crime and whether harm was intended.” It’s not just about the victim and the perpetrator, but the bystander too. If you see something, speak up.

Body beautiful

There can be a negative side to our extreme achievement when it comes to body image. Every shape, every size and every one is beautiful. Eating and exercise are some of my favorite activities, but they shouldn’t be our shackles. If you’re a young Stanford student, it’s hard not to be conscious of how you look. At a school that strives for excellence, that pressure can sometime manifest itself in unhealthy ways. Stanford’s one of the best universities on earth, and it’s important we stay healthy healthily.

Rush: A non-Greek perspective

As an ex-high school athlete, I figured it was worth checking out rush to possibly meet a good group of girls. All my closest high school friends had come from sports teams, and I liked the idea of a female community. I wanted to give rush a shot and see whether I could meet more people than the ones who just lived in my residence. I’m glad I rushed, and it was one of the worst experiences I’ve had at Stanford.

A Tribute to Scott McKeon

Despite the fact that Stanford is one of the best universities in the nation, many of our introductory classes are huge and fairly impersonal. I’ve been frustrated by the heavy weight of exams in class grading. Back in the heyday that was high school, there were points for class participation, projects and turning in homework.…

One Summer in Peru

This article is a shameless plug for the awesome, random opportunities Stanford has to offer. If you only have time to read this, I urge you to find these opportunities and take advantage of them – as they teach in ME104S: Design Your Stanford, YOSO (you only Stanford once). Last summer, I went to Peru courtesy…