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Anastasiia Malenko
Magazine Editor, Summer Journalism Institute Co-Director
Anastasiia Malenko is the Vol. 260 Magazine Editor. Originally from Ukraine, she focuses on politics and international student life in her coverage. In her free time, she loves listening to throwbacks and catching up on book and coffee recommendations. Contact her at amalenko 'at'

Visiting scholar at Stanford charged with visa fraud

According to a criminal complaint filed on July 17, Song lied about her employment at the Xi Diaoyutai Hospital in her J-1 visa application, necessary for participation in work and study exchange visitors programs. The Hospital served as a cover for her actual employer, the People’s Liberation Army (PLA), the Chinese Military.

Explore Stanford’s Student Title IX Investigation & Hearing Process

Stanford’s Student Title IX Investigation & Hearing Process (Student Title IX Process) outlines the University’s policies and process in reviewing and adjudicating sexual violence allegations made against students. The policy has been criticized by students and faculty on multiple grounds, including those surrounding counseling, attorney time, the definition of sexual assault and expulsions.
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