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Katie Straub

The explores gender norms with “Art as Identity”

Neal Ulrich '16 stands on the floor of the atrium, decked head to toe in a dramatic red ball gown, adjusting the top of a chestnut wig to meet his hairline. As eager audience members file in to find seats, they hoot and holler excitedly upon seeing Ulrich. He smiles and laughs, easily 6-foot-4 in his golden high heels. “Sissy That Walk” by RuPaul blares in the background.

Henry, we’re not in the 14th century anymore

The final installation in a tetralogy of monarchical histories, Henry V is the story of the young and mighty King Henry V of England and his efforts to conquer French lands at the bloody Battle of Agincourt during the Hundred Years’ War. Sound like a history lesson?

Bel blurs dancing’s definition

Jérôme Bel, renowned French choreographer, is perhaps best described as a provocateur of dance. In exploring the idea of dance over the past two decades, Bel is often referred to as a “conceptual choreographer.” The New York Times has called him “one of the most charismatic and galvanizing choreographers working today.”

Stanford Live hosts student cabaret at Bing

I hurried into Bing Concert Hall last Monday evening, a characteristically college-student-esque four minutes late. In the lobby, a staff of ushers guided kids down a polished marble staircase. “Don’t worry folks, we’re holding for 10. Programs can be found downstairs outside the studio,” one of them said as I passed. “And be sure to…
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