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Karen Kurosawa
Karen is a Desk Editor for the University beat. She is also a member of The Daily's Special Projects team, where she works on initiatives including The Stanford Daily Winter Externship. Contact her at karen16 'at'

ETAs call for pay equity

A group of Ethnic Theme Associates (ETA) from Casa Zapata, Okada and Ujamaa are petitioning for higher wages that match the compensation received by Resident Assistants (RA).

Hoover series examines international effects of demographic shifts

“Governance in an Emerging New World,” an initiative by the Hoover Institute, launched on Wednesday with aims to promote discussion and thinking on the challenges posed by rapid demographic, technological and societal changes on governance around the globe. The first panel in the series, moderated by Deputy Director-General of the International Institute for Strategic Studies (IISS) Kori Schake, considered these issues from the perspective of Russia.

Scholarship Fund established in memory of Leon Cain J.D. ’19

Leon Cain was a rising third-year student at Stanford Law School. An advocate of increasing diversity in the legal field, he strongly believed in expanding access to legal education for black youth. Leon served as treasurer and board member of the Stanford Black Law Students Association. In the legacy of Cain’s advocacy, The Leon Cain…
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