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Julie Fukunaga
Julie Fukunaga is a staff writer for A&L and a senior majoring in Sociology. In her free time, she enjoys talking about the Central Valley, making dishes with cabbage, and occasionally writing nonsense about video games. Contact her at juliefa 'at'

The cult of ‘Animal Crossing: New Horizons’

Before you shake your head and say, “The last thing this world needs is another Animal Crossing article” — I agree. The New York Times has called it “the game for the coronavirus moment,” or a whimsical escape from the terrors of global pandemic. Met with extraordinary reception, the game’s release has created a shortage…

A mind-bending journey into ‘Black Room’

“Imagine you are in a black room. Inside of the black room is a black table. Next to the black table is a black chair. Beside the black chair is a black vase.” If you can imagine squeezing your eyes tight enough to see apparitions, you basically get the gist of “Black Room,” a 2017…

Touring the 2019 San Francisco International Tea Festival

I was excited knowing that behind the beautiful lakefront of the Palace of Fine Arts, homeplace of wedding photoshoots and B-roll from the hit 2005 TV show Bones, I would be greeted by something other than mist and rush hour traffic. Awaiting me was the 2019 San Francisco International Tea Festival, a gathering of over 42 vendors from around the world (October 19-20). As I shuttled in, I was immediately greeted with my own child-size complimentary tea cup, embossed with tea leaves and ready to sample all the tea the world had to offer.
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