Jessica Jen

‘Christopher Robin’ revisits the splendiferous magic of Pooh

As a child, I enjoyed following Winnie the Pooh’s adventures because I liked the idea of having sentient stuffed animals. Watching “Christopher Robin” about a decade later brings back the same smiles and cheer, along with a bit of nostalgia. Despite some exaggerated moments, the movie has charm, especially for those familiar with the “Winnie…

Nusse Lab studies complexity of Wnt signal protein as 2019 conference approaches

As the 2019 Gordon Research Conference — "Wnt Signaling Networks in Development, Disease and Regeneration” — approaches, Stanford developmental biology professor Roeland Nusse is continuing more than 30 years of work with the protein known as Wnt. He leads the Nusse Lab at Stanford in researching the effects and mechanisms of Wnt signaling, which has profound consequences on stem cell fate, tissue regeneration and cancer.

Stanford named center for spinal scaffold study

InVivo Therapeutics Holdings Corporation named Stanford Hospital as one of 34 testing sites for its neuro-spinal scaffold study. The study’s implementation of a biodegradable implant will support remaining spinal tissue and promote healing in patients with spinal cord trauma.
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