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Jeong Shin

Calling home, whatever home may be

“Home” is different for everyone. Call anyone that reminds you of home — anyone that feels like home — and take a minute to reflect. No matter how busy your days may be, you owe yourself at least a couple minutes to stop and smell the roses.

Live, laugh, Lauv

I’m constantly listening to music. So much so, that it honestly didn’t make sense that I hadn’t gone to one yet. I wasn’t planning on going to one, either, because of how hectic life has become since coming to Stanford. A couple weeks ago, though, the perfect opportunity came up. Lauv was playing in Oakland. Tickets were decently priced. I had a 9am the next morning, but I’d become a pro napper; sleep wasn’t a problem.

A Blank Canvas

Starting fresh can be a beautiful thing. At least for a little while, past mistakes, awkward moments and tense relationships can be ignored. I  don’t have to live in the fear that my past may be brought up to stain my present. I’m given a blank slate. Starting fresh, however, can also be incredibly scary.…
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