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Jeff Mandell

Modern Manners: End-of-Year memos

The academic year is coming to an end, which means that this column is wrapping up today. I have new respect for the students at The Daily who pump out publishable material day after day, because it is hard enough to make something worth reading once a week, as I have tried to do. Thank you to everyone who has read any of my columns!

Modern Manners: A look at Stanford burgers

The residents and visitors of Stanford, Calif. enjoy a range of dining options within the grounds of the world’s second-largest contiguous university campus. It is therefore with the utmost humility that I attempt to contribute to your understanding of this culinary landscape, as I talk about the burgers at Stanford.

Modern Manners: Please forward widely

Last week I wrote about how we often don’t know the names of the people sitting next to us in section, and that getting to know our classmates would surely strengthen both our learning and our community. Upon reflection, I have realized that I actually know a lot more names than I do faces at Stanford, thanks to the advent of the dorm chat list.

Modern Manners: Let’s play more name games

There are probably many ways to strengthen our community, but I have thought of one in particular that would be extremely easy to pull off. It would encourage social interaction, and I bet it would have the added bonus of improving academic performance.

Modern Manners: Our journey to greatness

It turned out that I wasn’t going to play any baseball in Florence. Somewhere along the line, the Italian coach had somehow gotten the mistaken impression that I was going to be in the country for three years, not three months. But before we discovered the misunderstanding, his first question for me upon our meeting was, in Italian, “How many championships have you won?” The question has haunted me ever since.

Modern Manners: Are you friends with the Internet?

One could argue that an informal tone is natural for such a blog host. But 10 years ago -- before the word blog entered our vocabulary -- we might have called a web publishing service, in which case its business would have sounded a lot fancier. It seems the Internet is casual because we have made it that way.
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