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Io Gilman
Io Gilman is a high schooler writing as a part of The Daily's Summer Journalism Program.

Trump pardons Ethel and Julius Rosenberg

President Donald Trump will pardon Ethel and Julius Rosenberg posthumously, the White House announced today. The Rosenbergs were convicted of providing top secret information about US technology and nuclear weapon designs to the Soviets, and were executed in 1953 for their crimes. Now, Trump’s Administration claims they were actually innocent.

Paper on presymptomatic and asymptomatic coronavirus transmission reveals need for better studies

A new paper written by Stanford affiliates looks into the science behind the presymptomatic and asymptomatic transmission of COVID-19. In it, Christina Savvides ’19 MS ’21 and professor Robert Siegel explain that they found shortcomings in the existing studies on the issue, and emphasize the need for studies that can provide a more definitive answer on whether or not these kinds of transmissions take place.
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