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Hannah Blum

The Daily’s Halloween movie picks

This is the movie that cemented rage zombies into our cultural lexicon, pivoting away from slow-shambling creeps and instead leaning into a fast-paced terror the whole way through. It’s a master of the spook that you can see a long time coming — and yet are still shocked by. “28 Days” merely uses the creepiness of its zombies as a backdrop as it delves into the horrors of our own humanity, lending us a long-lasting feeling of deep uneasiness.

‘Cuties’: A great film overshadowed by controversy

If you’ve been on the internet at all within the past few weeks, chances are you’ve heard of a new Netflix film called “Cuties.” Within hours of the trailer dropping, #CancelNetflix began to trend on Twitter, alongside a myriad of virtually identical hashtags that were misspelled — that’s just how many people were tweeting about it.

The 2020 Oscars in Conversation

Thoughts on the nominees JONATHAN: The Academy should be ashamed of their nominations this year.  They did do a few things right. Antonio Banderas getting Best Actor for his career-best performance in “Pain and Glory” is a relief, as is Florence Pugh’s presence in Best Supporting Actress for “Little Women.” It’s always appreciated when Oscar…

‘Warrior’ loses the fight against cheesiness

“What did you just say?” The man slams his drink on the table and rises from his seat, about to confront our protagonist. A sudden hush falls across the room. It’s the set up for a fight you’ve seen happen a million times, and in the first episode of “Warrior” you’re going to see it…

Weak writing wrecks ‘Game of Thrones’

I’d like to start this off by admitting that I was wrong. Dead wrong, in fact. Could David Benioff and DB Weiss bring “Game of Thrones” back from the precipice on which this entire season has been teetering? I held out hope for the remaining writing of the season, but the odds of a saving…

‘Game of Thrones’ is stumbling to the finish line

Right now, I can just imagine Marvel Universe fans sitting fat and happy with “Endgame” cradled in their laps, having reached a satisfactory conclusion to the series. Meanwhile, “Game of Thrones” fans seem to be fighting over the scraps, scrambling for anything that even remotely resembles good writing. So played out this most recent episode,…

‘Battle of Winterfell’ was a thrilling ride

I remember when, not all that long ago, I decided to finally culture myself and marathon all three “Lord of the Rings” movies. When I finally arrived at the Battle of Helm’s Deep, I strapped myself in and prepared for forty minutes of orc bloodbath, making it the longest cinematic battle ever recorded. Lo and…

‘Game of Thrones’ return is properly messy

Ladies and lords, a year-and-a-half later and we’re finally here. Winter may have passed for us, but the new and final season of “Game of Thrones” has come. Many excitedly huddled around a screen this past Sunday to watch the premiere, and after hurriedly dashing back from rush, I was no exception. As one of…

‘The War at Home’ connects present with past

Madison, Wisconsin. The year is 1963. The camera pans down idyllic suburban avenues, the American Dream seemingly present in all its facets. Yet in the midst of the Vietnam War, it’s clear there’s something deeply troubling just under the surface. Napalm flames Vietnamese jungles to the soft chords of Bob Marley; later, montages of police…
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