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Former graduate student pleads no contest to spiking labmates’ water

Former graduate student Xiangyu Ouyang pleaded no contest to four charges of poisoning on Tuesday, Dec. 8 after spiking her labmates’ water with paraformaldehyde last year. She now faces up to one year in Santa Clara County Jail, but attorneys for prosecution and defense said they are looking into alternative sentences, such as treatment options on account of mental health concerns.

Stanford Flashmob Orchestra to spontaneously perform songs on campus

On a gray Friday evening, a t-shirt-wearing orchestra stormed White Plaza to perform a free, unticketed rendition of “Viva La Vida.”

They are the Stanford Flashmob Orchestra (SFmO), and they’re here to break the ice that comes with formal orchestras one musical saw at a time. Once a month, this group of mostly classically-trained musicians meets to improvise an arrangement for a popular song. The next day, they storm a public space on campus, fill it with a song or two, and disappear as quickly as they came.