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Erin Inman

Surgery is basic care, Wren says

“As a nation and as a world, we have to reject the current dogma that surgery is not part of global health,” said Sherry Wren, Stanford Medical Center professor of general surgery, during her TEDx talk at Stanford on Saturday.

Profs reform Med School lecture style

The traditional lecture-based format of medical education has become obsolete, according to two Stanford faculty researchers who have instead put forward a proposal for medical education in the 21st century.

Bike crash highlights helmet use

Stanford’s Bicycle Program, in conjunction with the Department of Public Safety, is working to improve traffic control and congestion on campus by installing bike-specific stop signs and riding guidelines on the roads. Two recent bicycle-related accidents, however, contribute to this existing call for increased focus on biker safety and responsibility, according to those involved.

Student veteran policy OK

A recent executive order aimed at preventing institutions of higher learning from aggressively recruiting veterans will have minimal effect at Stanford because the University does not profit from veterans’ benefits, according to campus administrators.

Disney probes women and war

Abigail Disney, an award-winning documentarian and Stanford alumna, spoke on Wednesday evening in the Cemex Auditorium on her documentary work illuminating the role of women in conflict and peace.

A great awakening: The resurrection of Monterey Bay

“You might see a squad of pelicans or a sea otter tying herself to the kelp canopy,” said Adam Cole ’10, describing a typical scene at the Hopkins Marine Station in Monterey. “You will definitely see a harbor seal. And always you can smell the ocean..."
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