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Elizabeth Wallace
Liz Wallace, class of 2018, is a reporter for the Stanford Daily with a love for environmental science, literature, and late night discussions over mugs of hot chocolate. Wallace hails from Winston-Salem, North Carolina and can be contacted at [email protected]

Draw re-opened after high yield from Class of 2019

Students applying for housing beginning next autumn quarter received an email Monday from Residential and Dining Enterprises (R&DE) announcing that Stanford will be offering two additional housing options for upperclassmen and that the Draw application portal would be open for an extra week.

Students wear jeans to protest sexual violence

On Wednesday Stanford’s campus was filled with all varieties of denim from skinny jeans to decorated vests. However, the event was more than just a fashion statement; it was an international social protest in solitude with victims of sexual violence.

Jewish students celebrate Passover at Stanford

As Jewish students at Stanford observe Passover this week, they have the option of dining at Hillel, the hub for Jewish students on campus, or piecing together meals at dining halls, which have tried to offer certain Passover foods like Matzah crackers and Gefilte fish. Passover -- marked by celebratory Seders across campus -- began last Friday and will continue until Saturday.

Amy Zuckerwise ’15 talks large predator research at Jasper Ridge

Amy Zuckerwise ’15 is one Stanford student who would love to spot a mountain lion in person. Zuckerwise started conducting research at Jasper Ridge Biological Preserve last year after taking the Jasper Ridge Docent class. Her research now focuses on how the predators’ activity overlaps with time and human patterns in the park.

Q&A with Marta Hanson ’11, new Associate Director for the WCC

As the Associate Director I have several different responsibilities. First of all, I work with the student staff at the WCC. We have about 10 undergrads and 3 graduate students on staff as well as one professional school liaison at the medical school and several interns. All the programming at the WCC is driven by our student staff to provide opportunities for scholarship, leadership, and activism, and my role is to be an advisor to the students.

Julie Winokur ‘Brings it to the Table’ with Stanford students

Bring it to the Table is an initiative Winokur started after her son accused her of being “intolerant” of other views, specifically those espoused on Fox news. Her solution was to sit down at a simple folded table with a patriotic cloth draped over it and talk with over a hundred different people with varied backgrounds and opinions about their political views.

FroSoCo to host ‘frat’ party on Friday

Stanford’s Freshman Sophomore College (or “FroSoCo” as most students say) is hosting “PhiPsiChi: FroSoCo’s Premiere and Only Frat Party.” The party will be held from 9 p.m. to 12 a.m. in the Schiff Courtyard and requested donations will go to Partners in Health Rwanda (PIH) through Stanford’s Dance Marathon.

Vaden warns of possible flu spike

Though Vaden Health Center has been seeing cases of influenza for several months now, national and state trends are showing a potential spike in the virus this month. Both local and federal health departments are warning citizens to protect themselves against the virus and Stanford campus is no different.

‘Wild’ author Cheryl Strayed receives overflow audience

Arriving 45 minutes early to hear Cheryl Strayed, author of the best selling memoir “Wild” that was made into an award-winning movie last month, give a talk Tuesday night at Cemex Auditorium seemed like a safe bet to Maddie Saviano ’18. After an hour of waiting in a line of over a thousand people, however, Saviano…

Study spots on campus

As finals begin and students across campus begin to cram for chemistry, fix those last bugs on their CS assignments or crowd the Hume Center for help on their final English papers, many students are searching for the best place to get their work done. Many students agree that the perfect study spot must combine…

Autistic activist Temple Grandin talks autism experience, animals

An auditorium packed with more than 150 Stanford undergraduates, medical students, professors, researchers and community members. People on the floor, leaning against the walls and packed like sardines to squeeze inside. A crowd gathered outside the closed doors begging the security guard to let them in. This crowd was not gathered to hear a famous…

Veterans on the Farm: Saamon Legoski, Class of 2016

Were you to have a class with Saamon Legowski ’16 or sit down with him for lunch, you might think he is your typical Stanford student: a psychology major, creative writing minor, studies hard and works out quite a bit. What you may not realize at first glance, however, is that Legowski is a veteran of the U.S. Army and is currently in his seventh of at least twelve years in the National Reserves.

Veterans on the Farm: Reagan Odhner, Class of 2017

Reagan Odhner ’17, plans on using her Stanford degree in economics to change the lives of those in developing countries. This idea didn’t come from a mission trip to the Dominican Republic or even a heart-wrenching book about sub-Saharan Africa, but from the time she spent interacting with Afghan communities while on deployment in the Marine Corps.
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