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Diana Le

The legacy of The Stanford Prison Experiment lives on at Sundance

Often cited as one of the most influential studies in human behavior and social psychology, the Stanford Prison Experiment has spawned numerous films and cultural references over the past four decades. Just this past week, “The Stanford Prison Experiment,” a film based on the events of the study, had its world premiere at the Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah.

Top five feel-good films of 2014

Some films just make you feel like you’re wrapped up in a blanket having chicken soup in front of a fireplace. They leave you feeling a little lighter, and 2014 thankfully had no shortage of them. Here are five 2014 films that will make you relish the quirks of life and feel happy to be…

‘Ivory Tower’ review: documentary challenges the effectiveness of higher level education without a course of action

Directed and produced by Emmy-nominated filmmakers Andrew Rossi and Kate Novack, “Ivory Tower” takes a hard look at the college debt bubble and the future of higher education in America. Traversing the lecture halls of Harvard and Stanford and the offices of education startups Udacity and Coursera, “Ivory Tower” aims to bring to light the…

‘Did We Offend You’ highlights the controversial side of musical theater

In the small, intimate Roble dorm theatre this past weekend, Stanford student performing arts group At The Fountain Theatricals performed “Did We Offend You,” a rousing cabaret of musical theater’s more controversial songs, from “Populism, Yea, Yea” of “Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson” to “If You Were Gay” of “Avenue Q,” in an attempt to provoke…

“Gone Girl” explores dark side of marriage

At first, Nick and Amy Dunne might seem like the perfect married couple. But on their fifth anniversary, Amy disappears, and Nick, who often appears inappropriately apathetic, is immediately suspected of foul play. In fact, Amy’s disappearance is the result of cunning manipulation.
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