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Connor Toups

Stating the obvious

Editor’s note: The following article contains graphic descriptions of violence and offensive language towards queer folx and people of color that may be troubling to some readers. Matthew Shepard remained tied to a fence for 18 hours after his attack; his attackers had beaten him so badly that, when he was discovered, blood covered his…

Give frosh more all-campus options

On weekends here on East Campus, you will see a horde of frosh leave their dorms and begin the cold, hard journey to whatever fraternity is hosting an all-campus. I am often among them, wearing far too little in terms of clothing, muttering to myself, “It’s cold out, but I’m still dressing like a thotty ’cause a hoe never gets cold,” à la Cardi B.

Don’t tell me to be civil

I was eight when California voters banned gay marriage in 2008. I was sixteen when I had my first crush. His name was Marcus (*not actually his name*): he was my height, he had dark hair and he told me he was gay. He also told me he would never tell his parents, that his dad hated gay people, that he was scared. Sometimes, I think about Marcus, and I wonder what could have been in a different political climate.

It’s true: I’ve said homophobic things

As I walked back to my dorm after Crossing the Line, the classic frosh tradition, I felt angry. I felt my face flush, and I couldn’t stop thinking about this one moment. “Have you said homophobic things?” the woman asked. I crossed the line. I flashed back to all the things I’ve said: to the…

Understanding the Title IX process

On June 23, 1972, Patsy Mink, a congresswoman from Hawaii, watched in triumph as President Nixon signed Title IX, the amendment she had co-sponsored that prohibited discrimination on the basis of sex in federally funded educational institutions, into law. It’s unclear if Mink knew exactly how impactful Title IX would be in breaking down barriers…

What kind of school are we?

She listened as I told her everything — of being at a party, of a boy behind me, of him leading me to the woods, of me letting him, of hating myself for telling him I wanted it, of immediately regretting it. She listened as I sat there, tears streaming down my face, my breath…

Stanford, don’t make our RAs police us

What’s the saying: “Snitches get stitches?” Maybe we should amend that to “Snitches contribute to a degradation of trust between snitched and snitcher that ultimately leaves both parties worse off and creates a more dangerous environment than previously existed.” Not as catchy, but in light of a leaked memo from RAs in an all-frosh dorm…

Brett Kavanaugh, Brock Turner and the cult of elitist virtue

“I got into Yale Law School. That’s the number-one law school in the country”: words uttered by Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh in order to dismiss numerous allegations of sexual aggression made against him. A “baby-faced freshman” on “Stanford’s varsity swim team, one of the best in the country” whose “once-promising future remains uncertain” and…
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