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Chloe Barreau
Chloe Barreau '21 threads and slices sound as Managing Editor of Podcasts at the Stanford Daily. She studies computer science and art. By now she should have an elevator pitch for what it means to intersect the two, but each response leads to a new adventure.

Sam Yam, Patreon CTO and Stanford alum, aims to sustain the business of digital content creation

“We have a set of values that are very much revolving around being creator first,” Sam Yam B.S. ’06 M.S. ’06 says of Patreon, an online crowd-sourcing platform for creators of all types — including podcasters, photographers, YouTubers and chefs. Yam, Patreon’s Chief Technology Officer, spoke at Stanford’s Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders Seminar (MS&E 472) on…

Meade, Segerman and Mitton marvel at the magical mind

At “A Celebration of Mind: Mathematics, Art and Magic” on October 20, artist Alexa Meade, mathematician Henry Segerman and magician Mark Mitton came together to discuss the magic behind unrestrained fun and play. Meade has a “Funhouse House” full of rainbow stairs, mirrored walls, hanging neon spandex and doors hidden behind cabinets. Meade takes silliness…

The haunting and the humorous: an exhibition of dioramas in Palo Alto

Dioramas are typically three-dimensional models of landscapes or imagined spaces. Artists at the City of Palo Alto Art Center exhibition “Through That Which is Seen” used dioramas to transport us into their own microcosms — manipulating materials as basic as plastic and paint to create cities within an analog clock and compose scenes within a hole in the wall.

teamLab challenges our experience of art

On Nov. 14, co-founder Daisuke Sakai spoke to Stanford students about teamLab, a Tokyo-based artist collective founded in 2001. teamLab’s work merges art and technology to question human relationships with the natural world. Bringing together artists, programmers, engineers, computer animators, mathematicians and architects, they aim to “liberate art from the physical and transcend boundaries,” according…

Collective imagining: A night of spoken word

On Tuesday night, in a room lined with record covers and fairy lights, the Stanford Spoken Word Collective presented its first open mic of the year. Ethan Chua, the host of the night, livened up the atmosphere, inciting us to snap and stomp along as we witnessed and contributed to an act of creation. The first…
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