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Caleb Smith
Caleb Smith '17 is a Desk Editor from Oakland, California and is majoring in public policy. Outside the Daily, Caleb is Director of news at KZSU Stanford, the campus radio station. Have a tip or suggestion? Please contact him at caleb17 ‘at’

The edge of impossibility

It sometimes seems like Stanford exists in a special distortion of the space time continuum. The sun goes up and the sun goes down, but you could be forgiven for thinking that time stands still. The grass is almost always green. The weather is almost always great. The people almost always say they are doing…

Finances dominate GSC meeting

The Graduate Student Council (GSC) discussed the long-term financial viability of GSC finances, divestment from fossil fuels and several funding requests in their latest meeting.

Q&A with William Gould IV

The Daily had a chat with Professor William Gould IV to discuss the decision by the National Labor Relations Board that may pave the way for teaching assistant unions.
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