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Ben Penchas

Relcy is trying to be Google for the app generation

Consumers now spend more time searching the web on mobile than they do on desktop. Additionally, smartphone owners use mobile apps much more often than the open web, on which companies like Google built their infrastructure. So what is search going to look like in the mobile world? “The paradigm has changed and (mobile search)…

Crowdfunding in an increasingly mobile world

What will crowdfunding look like in a mobile world? James Beshara, co-founder and CEO of Tilt, thinks he has that answer. Tilt’s main product is a mobile app that allows users to fund and create campaigns of their choosing. Campaign managers assign a minimum amount of funding, a “tilt point,” and the money is only…

Rally is the latest way for you to make plans this weekend

A solution finally exists for people who leave making weekend plans to the last minute. Ehson Kolbehdari ‘17 and Cody Sugarman ’17 think they’ve built a solution in the form of their new app, called Rally. At its core an event calendar, Rally combines listings for parties, club meetings and campus events into a single…
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