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Asha Brundage-Moore

Biofuels and the environment

Biofuels are a step towards greener energy but they aren’t perfect. It is important that the current method of biofuel production does not prevent other more environmentally aware methods from being developed.

Hunger doesn’t take a vacation

Stanford students should not watch as hunger continues to hinder the lives of children and families. Many students volunteer hundreds of hours to fighting inequality while on campus but these problems don’t stop after our last final.

Don’t throw that away

There are people in this country and around the world who are hungry because of food distribution practices. As a part of a large institution with the power to influence others, you have the ability to impact the food system. Be vocal about what types of food you want to see in the dining halls and reflect those demands in the action of eating a low waste diet.

Meatless Monday and the drought

As temporary and permanent California residents, Stanford students all have something to gain by being environmental stewards during the drought. Small changes can go a long way to reduce one’s water footprint. Other schools around the country have already initiated Meatless Mondays programs recognizing the health and environmental benefits it has for their students and the surrounding community.
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