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Anat Peled

Resisting the authoritarian in the White House 

Resistance to Trump from within the Republican party has serious repercussions — Fox News anchor Chris Wallace hammered in on this message again and again in his interview with Senator Mitt Romney last Wednesday. “You realize this is war? Donald Trump will never forgive you for this … It’s going to get pretty lonely in…

Gadfly, Midwife, Electric Ray

All three metaphors imply a certain degree of pain for the student – a bite, a sting, a contraction. This stands in contrast to how the humanities are perceived at Stanford, as “easy” majors which are not useful for the job market.

The lies that uphold the system: Operation Varsity Blues

On Wednesday, former Stanford sailing coach John Vandemoer was sentenced to one day in prison and six months of home confinement for his role in the recent college admissions scandal. Judging by the headlines, there is outrage in America over this “slap on the wrist.” “Stanford Coach Avoids Prison in Admissions Scandal,” announced The New…

The Lonely American Dream

Last week an article in The Economist described the worst punishment our society has ever been able to conceive of – solitary confinement. It described a prison in Texas in which Tony Medina, “spends 23 hours inside a concrete box measuring 7 feet by 11 feet.” He is forbidden any human contact. Guards pass trays…

Smith challenges GSC’s move to closed session in transparency dispute

The Graduate Student Council (GSC) started off its weekly meeting Wednesday with routine updates, but when co-chair Yiqing Ding, a second-year M.S. student in aeronautics and astronautics, announced that it was time to move into a closed session, newly elected council member Caleb Smith ’17 M.A. ’18 objected on constitutional grounds.

Regulating tech giants poses major international and local challenges, say Persily and Cihak

On Tuesday, the Center for Advanced Study in the Behavioral Sciences (CASBS) and the Stanford Cyber Initiative hosted a discussion on the governmental consequences of technological developments with two CASBS fellows, Stanford Law Professor Nate Persily and Carrie Cihak, Chief of Policy in King County, Washington. A recurring theme throughout the lecture was the difficulty…

Center hosts events celebrating language diversity

Language tables clustered around and within the Language Center in the Quad offered glimpses into the cultures behind different world languages, featuring images and foods ranging from wagashi, a Japanese dessert, to mate, an Argentinian herbal tea. Students and language instructors stood by to speak with curious visitors.

Language and identity in the Holy Land

During finals last quarter, as backpacks and bikes stormed Green Library, most students walked straight past the exhibition on the second floor of Green Library and right into the Lane Reading Room. It was finals, after all. But if they did stop and look around, they would have come across a strange script, a combination of…
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