Ariel Liu

New SLAC research advances fight against Zika

In a new breakthrough in the ongoing fight against Zika virus, researchers at the SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory has determined how the structure of protein crystals produced by bacteria might be modified to combat the mosquitoes that carry Zika, according to SLAC’s press release.

Fearless Conference works to expand conversation surrounding sexual violence

Madeleine Lippey ‘18 is out to reshape the conversation around sexual violence on campus. Last Saturday, she worked with an array of cosponsors to host the Fearless Conference, which provides a centralized and safe space for Stanford students to discuss topics surrounding sexual violence, including masculinity, sex education, survivor support and Title IX policies.

Talk explores the relationship between tech and the world’s collective consciousness

At a talk hosted by Stanford’s Graduate School of Business Big Ideas Club and Silicon Valley Science Fiction Society on Saturday night that intertwined philosophy with technology, inventor and entrepreneur Adam M. Curry revealed the ideas behind the soon-to-be released Entangled, an app for people to explore and experiment with the nature of “collective consciousness” and reality.

New Women in Theater company to provide platform for women and non-binary students to explore more roles

A new student group sets out to show that all the world’s truly a stage – with more balanced gender representation. Women in Theater (WiT), a newly formed theater company, seeks to provide a platform for women and non-binary students interested in theater the opportunity to explore more roles in the traditionally male-dominated field. Cofounded by Leah Slang ’18, Lillian Bornstein ’18 and Emma Jackson-Smith ’18, the company recently held their first interest meeting.

Q&A with Anant Agarwal, speaker at ignitED conference and CEO of edX

Stanford Pre-Education Society held its annual ignitED conference on undergraduate education on Feb. 6. Anant Agarwal MS '84 and PhD '87, CEO of edX, an online education platform, spoke at the event through Skype. EdX, founded by Harvard University and MIT in 2012, is a Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) provider that offers online courses from universities around the world. Following the conference, The Daily spoke with Agarwal to discuss the future of edtech and the innovations needed in the education sector.

Hacking for the long haul: TreeHacks’ Team Flagtrip has plans for the future

Playing for the long haul, a returning team to TreeHacks 2016 laid stakes on a more complex and expansible project that integrated multiple companies’ software. The Flagtrip team consisted of members Andrew Luo ’17, Dan Shiferaw ’17 and Crystal Qian and Jonathan Tang, both juniors studying computer science at Princeton. Luo, Shiferaw and Tang are returning teammates from TreeHacks 2015 with Qian joining the team this year.

ASSU Senate requests the University rename buildings dedicated to Junipero Serra

At its 21st meeting, the 17th Undergraduate Senate discussed funding for the Stanford News Readership Program, the construction of new residences in West Campus, and passed two resolutions, including the Resolution in Support of Reaffirming Stanford’s Commitment to Indigenous and Native American Community, Identity, Dignity, and Space and the Bill to Improve Undergraduate Senate Accountability. The former requests action by the University to rename buildings currently dedicated to Father Junipero Serra and the latter proposed the elimination of Senate committees.

BASES announces $100,000 competition

At the annual Business Association of Stanford Entrepreneurial Students (BASES) Challenge kickoff event last Friday night, organizers announced that a total of $100,000 will be awarded to eight teams. This year, competition planners emphasized connecting contestants with industry leaders.
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