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Alex Bayer

Love Inc.

If the latest wave of me-centric technology primes us to think of ourselves as consumers and all of life’s offerings, even love itself, as commodities we can accrue with enough cash for an eHarmony subscription, are we not like the mortals, skewered by many a Greek tragedy, who foolishly believe they’re in control of all the elements?

A Fourth Open Letter to Miley

I can’t deny how catchy “We Can’t Stop Is,” but I can’t respect you as an artist in the way I respect those who do it from a place of tenderness. Music is not the business of the cruel; it is the business of the wronged.


I think that Paris may be a conspiracy to make you forget about time. Somehow I’ve forgotten to worry about or even think about it. It’s funny how time works: A whole summer of time makes you go crazy with boredom, but an hour to finish a paper kills you with stress.

A State of Confusion

Where and how does one find their anchor? When you veer from the handed-down K through college path, either by graduating or falling into an existential crisis like me, how do you go about getting back your sense of direction?

The Pain (and Joy) of Running

Electric. That’s what it felt like. Electric, like sitting on the beach and imagining whales ballooning in the ocean, and what the sky looked like in Melbourne. The electricity rooted in dreams of faraway places, but planted right here, in the present moment.

The Great Nothing

Summer, offering all of its temptations and incentives for career-furthering labor, may be most fruitful when it is used to do nothing at all.

The writer’s ethical dilemma

Admittedly, being a writer is not a strenuous job. It doesn’t require me to leave my bed, nor talk to people in a cheery voice. Expressing my innermost feelings, which some take to be a brave feat, is actually just cathartic. In fact, revealing details about myself has turned out to be the easiest way…

Home hunters

My favorite show (er, the one I get the most mind-numbing pleasure out of) is “House Hunters International.” Why, you ask? Well, I enjoy normal “House Hunters,” but lately they’ve been going downhill with this condo business. I mean, who wants to watch a competition between three awful ’80s condominums? Taking it international was a…

For your procrastination: five good movies

Okay, I’m going to take a break from the serious fare to bring you my ULTRA-FAVORITE PASSION EVER: movies. If you happen to find yourself on a weekday night and have consciously elected to not think about the essay you should be working on, then, why, you are in luck! Below, my list of favorite…

Pursuit of Happiness

The downside of happiness is that it’s always fleeting. It says hello, makes you feel all warm and fuzzy, then takes its leave without saying goodbye.
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