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Daily@125 event

Many thanks to everybody who was able to join us for our Daily@125 event on November 17! It was our honor to host several generations of the Daily family in a celebration of the 125 years that our publication and its people have impacted the Stanford community.

If you weren’t able to make the event, embedded below are videos from the event.

The first video contains Opening Remarks, EIC report (Ada Statler ’18), Keynote #1 (Joel Stein ’93), the two Daily-centric panels (“The​ ​Daily​ ​and​ ​journalism:​ ​Then and now”​ ​and​ ​”The​ ​Daily​ ​and​ ​sports​ ​media:​ ​Then​ ​and​ ​now”), The State of The Daily (Do-Hyoung Park ’16), Keynote #2 (Douglas Wilson ’72), A Call to Alumni (Tim Marklein ’91), and Closing Remarks.

Featured panelists: James​ ​Hohmann​ ​’09,​ ​Marianne​ ​LeVine​ ​’13,​ ​Art​ ​Streiber​ ​’84,​ ​Philip​ ​Taubman​ ​’70, Ivan​ ​Maisel​ ​’81,​ ​Ramona​ ​Shelburne​ ​’01,​ ​Susan​ ​Slusser​ ​’88,​ ​Tom​ Taylor​ ​Ph.D.​ ​’13, Douglas Wilson ’72.

The second video contains the first part of “The ​business​ ​of​ ​journalism:​ ​Navigating​ ​an​ ​uncertain​ ​future” panel (the second part of the panel can viewed immediately following the conclusion of Part 1).

Featured panelists: Peter​ ​Bhatia​ ​’75,​ ​Tim​ ​Grieve​ ​’86,​ ​Jay​ ​Hamilton,​ ​John​ ​Kosner​ ​’82.

The third video contains the first part of the “Technology​ ​in​ ​journalism:​ ​An​ ​evolving​ ​toolkit” panel (the second part of the panel can viewed immediately following the conclusion of Part 1).

Featured panelists: Ann​ ​Grimes,​ ​Josh​ ​Haner​ ​’02,​ ​Nicholas​ ​Thompson​ ​’97.

Stanford Daily Magazine 125th Anniversary Issue: $10

As a companion piece to our Daily@125 event, our editorial staff produced a special 125th Anniversary edition of The Stanford Daily Magazine, with content focusing around the history of The Daily and its relationship with Stanford University, and the people — both past and present — that have helped to build this institution into what it is today. You can read the digital edition of the magazine here, and you can also purchase a physical copy to be a part of this special anniversary of The Daily!

Other Daily@125 merchandise

You may leave The Daily, but The Daily never really leaves you — and what better way to fulfill that by purchasing some Daily-themed merchandise. Purchases can be made via PayPal, at the link included above under the “Support Us” header (please indicate your purchases in the “special instructions” part of the form).

Stanford Daily T-shirts: $20 (Available in black or red)

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