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BOSP suspends nearly all summer 2021 programs


The Bing Overseas Studies Program (BOSP) suspended all its summer study abroad programs except for Oxford, Santiago and Germany’s Krupp Internship Program, according to a Thursday announcement. BOSP also deferred fall 2021’s program in Australia to spring 2022 due to the country’s entry restrictions.

Students hoping to attend the three programs that have not yet been decided on can expect to receive a final decision by May 5. Those hoping to study abroad in autumn 2021 are welcome to apply by April 4, according to the BOSP website.

“We remain cautiously optimistic about the ability to offer study away programming in Autumn Quarter 2021-22 and encourage students to continue to explore opportunities and apply,” the website reads.

However, BOSP’s expanded summer offerings, now canceled or in jeopardy, were already intended to offset the past five quarters of pandemic cancellations. For the first time, Stanford had expanded its quarter-length summer program offerings beyond Cape Town and Santiago, allowing students to study from all of BOSP’s centers worldwide except Australia, Hong Kong and Istanbul.

“We share in students’ immense disappointment that their study away experience will not take place as planned,” BOSP director Aron Rodrigue wrote.

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