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Incident of battery at pathway along El Camino Real reported, AlertSU says


An incident of battery at the pathway along El Camino Real near Churchill Mall on Tuesday was reported to the Stanford Department of Public Safety (SUDPS), according to a Wednesday AlertSU report

The victim, who is a Stanford affiliate, reported that she was riding her bike on the path around 9 p.m. when the suspect “attempted to grab her off her bike,” according to the alert. According to SUDPS spokesperson Bill Larson, the victim did not sustain any physical injuries. 

The victim reported that the suspect’s hand “made contact with her waist as she went by.” The suspect, whose identity remains unknown, is described as a 30-50 year-old white male with a beard and bald head who “was wearing shorts and looked unkempt.” 

Following the incident, a man with the same description as the suspect was again reported to SUDPS by a bicyclist who said that the suspect “stepped into the path yelling vulgarities,” according to the alert. Larson told The Daily that the bicyclist is also a Stanford affiliate, though his and the victim’s specific affiliations are unknown. 

Larson said that an investigation into the incident remains ongoing but that SUDPS has no additional information to share at this time. 

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