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Investigation begins after woman found unconscious


An unconscious woman was found on the ground next to a University building around 4:00 a.m. on Sunday morning, according to an AlertSU report. At first, she was unresponsive.

The woman, who is 22, reported that her last memory of the evening was attending an event at the Kappa Sigma house. She said she remembered consuming three mixed drinks at the fraternity. According to Stanford University Department of Public Safety (SUDPS) spokesperson Bill Larson, the woman “has recovered.”

Larson said that the woman was found not by authorities, but by “a good samaritan” who does not have a connection to Stanford.

SUDPS has initiated an investigation into the situation.

On Saturday night, Kappa Sigma hosted a luau event, a Hawaiian-themed party that the fraternity hosts annually.

The report emphasized that the University “does not tolerate sexual assault … or any attempts to commit those acts. Providing, allowing or encouraging an individual to consume food or drink that contains potentially harmful substances … is unacceptable and in some situations may constitute a crime.”

However, according to Larson, evidence does not currently suggest that sexual assault or drugging occurred.

SUDPS encourages anyone with knowledge of the situation to contact them at 650-329-2413.


This report has been updated with comment from Bill Larson. 


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