The Stanford winter olympics


It’s no secret that Stanford is a breeding ground for Olympic athletes. In fact, the Card has contributed at least one medalist to every Olympic Games that the U.S. has participated in since 1912! That adds up to 270 medals for Stanford and its affiliates alone over the years — 139 gold, 73 silver and 58 bronze! While these numbers are impressive, the majority of Stanford students will never medal at the Olympics. 🙁 However, unmatched talent and finesse abounds within our community in the most obscure of places. In my opinion, the average Stanford student does things that are pretty crazy and unique. And if Stanford held its own Olympics, new victors would emerge from the shadows. NARPs and athletes alike could participate and rise to glory. Here are six events Stanford should hold its very own Winter Olympics for:

  1. Riding Bikes With No Hands: Students will bike through a course with twists and turns without hands. Helmets will be required.
  2. Taking 23+ Units: Extra Credit if they’re hard!
  3. The Meal Plan Dollar Dash: Students will be allotted a certain amount of money and will be required to spend it at either TAP or Late Night. The student that gets the most food the fastest will win the challenge and receive the Ultimate Flex Dining Hall plan in reward.
  4. The Fountain-Hopping Triathlon: This event consists of biking to every fountain on Stanford’s campus, running around it and then fountain hopping in it for a minimum of 30 seconds.
  5. Who Can Wear The Most Stanford Merch?: Participants will be judged for the originality and creativity of their ensemble. Extra points if the merch you’re wearing was free.
  6. Do you like your food ROASTED?: This event will be in the format of a rap battle. Dining halls will choose up to three representatives to participate in the event. The representatives will roast other dining halls and prove that their dining hall is supreme. The dining hall that wins this (rap) battle to the death will get bragging rights and a visit from the man, the myth and the legend, Marc Tessier-Lavigne.


While these events may seem facetious, they also point out an important flaw of our community. While we excel at pointing out greatness in athleticism and startups, we sometimes fail to acknowledge the vast talent amidst our everyday activities and interactions. The Stanford Winter Olympics could be a way to bridge the many groups on campus and come together as a community for friendly competition.


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