Have a pun-derful Dead Week!


As we near the end of the quarter with countless deadlines and projects whizzing by, it’s important to take some time to just laugh and take a breather. I think laughter keeps us sane, so here’re some humorous life lessons I’ve learned from my many years on Earth:

  1. Never ask a mathematician about infinity. Seriously, they can go on about it forever …
  2. Be yourself! Wearing masks isn’t worth it. They have no face value.
  3. Eating a clock is very time-consuming, because you have to keep going back for seconds.
  4. Stairs are suspicious. They’re always up to something …
  5. Pictures taken in a wheat field automatically become grainier.
  6. Sign language is a cool skill to have. I heard it’s pretty handy.
  7. Never take a CS major camping. They’ll just keep complaining about the bugs!
  8. Stanford students become like their bikes sometimes: Two-tired.
  9. Shakespeare uses a lot of puns in his works. They were really just plays on words.
  10. If you tell a chemistry joke, you might not get the reaction you expect.

Then again, who I am to talk about jokes? I’m just a Stanford student who wrote 10 puns for The Daily in the hopes that at least one would make you laugh. Unfortunately, no pun in 10 did.

Send Ayushi Tandel your own puns at atandel ‘at’ stanford.edu.

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