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Brock Turner sentenced to six months in county jail, three years probation
Brock Turner was sentenced to six months in county jail and three years probation on June 2 (RAHIM ULLAH/The Stanford Daily).

Brock Turner sentenced to six months in county jail, three years probation

In a sentencing hearing on Thursday morning, Brock Turner was sentenced to six months in county jail followed by three years of formal probation. He must also register as a sex offender and participate in a sex offender rehabilitation program.

Santa Clara County Superior Judge Aaron Persky presided over the hearing and delivered the sentence. Persky acknowledged that it was a difficult decision and that the sentencing terms reflect several factors, including Turner’s intoxication, character letters submitted to the court, adverse collateral effects stemming from high media coverage and the defendant’s apparent remorse. The sentence was disputed by prosecutor Alaleh Kianerci, who argued that the involvement of alcohol and character letters in particular should not have mitigating effects on the sentencing decision.

Turner was arrested Jan. 18, 2015, after two graduate students found him on top of an unconscious woman outside Kappa Alpha fraternity at approximately 1 a.m. Turner subsequently withdrew from Stanford. On March 30, a jury found Turner guilty on three felony counts: assault with intent to commit rape of an intoxicated or unconscious person, sexual penetration of an intoxicated person and sexual penetration of an unconscious person. Turner faced a maximum prison sentence of 10 years.

The sentencing decision was given after a recess at around noon, following comments from the victim, the prosecutor, Turner’s father, Turner and Turner’s attorney.

Prior to hearing the terms, the victim, a 23-year old Palo Alto resident who did not attend Stanford, spoke to the courtroom. Citing the deeply damaging impact the assault has had on her and Turner’s lack of remorse, she called for a prison sentence of no less than one year. She described how she found herself on a gurney early on the morning of Jan. 18, 2015, facing injuries, rushed treatments and photo documentation of her wounds. In the aftermath of the assault, she said she has struggled with extreme depression. She eventually had to quit her job, and she said it took eight months for her to begin talking about the assault.

“I pretended the whole thing wasn’t real,” she said, later adding in a direct address to Turner, “You bought me a ticket to a planet that I lived in by myself.”

The victim said she could not forgive Turner because he still had not acknowledged that he had sexually assaulted her. She argued that he continues to shirk responsibility and blame the alcohol.

“Somehow he still doesn’t get it,” she said. “Somehow he still sounds confused.”

After his father Dan Turner read a letter attesting to his character, Brock Turner read a statement to the courtroom in which he expressed remorse to the victim and her family.

“I can never forgive myself,” he said. He said he hoped that his work in a high school program warning students about the dangers of alcohol would help him atone for his actions.

Before revealing his decision, Persky read excerpts from a letter submitted by the victim.

“Nobody wins. We have all been devastated. We have all been trying to find meaning in all of the suffering.”

The victim’s full letter can be found here.


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  • Puma_01

    No. Just pointing out some of the errors in your characterization of the sentence handed out in that unrelated case.

  • Raymond Chastain

    Just like that woman (and all the other WOMEN I listed that none of the bigots here care about) this boy was given a lenient sentence.

    You can bitch about the sentencing if you want, but calling out one and not the other makes you a hypocrite.

  • agnosic1

    “Op Ed: An open letter to the Honorable Aaron Persky”
    The Stanford Daily, June 7, 2016

    “I am an academic who has spent a career studying the effects of trauma. In light of your recent ruling, please take a moment to read my professional perspective on sexual trauma. It is my hope that this will give you better understanding on the impact on survivors of sexual assault, so that these harms can be appropriately weighed in sentencing a perpetrator.”

    “The scientific literature has established that trauma impacts multiple bodily systems, leading to higher rates of morbidity and mortality as well as diminished social, vocational and economic functioning. Sexual assault is more likely than any other type of trauma to have negative psychological effects on the victim. It leads to high rates of post-traumatic stress disorder, mood and anxiety disorders, substance use disorders, and suicide; such mental health problems frequently persist for years.”

    “Trauma’s impact on physical health ranges from alterations in brain structure and function to heightened risk of multiple chronic medical conditions to changes at the cellular level that accelerate the aging process. Further, it is well established that trauma has intergenerational effects, leading to increased risk of adverse emotional and behavioral outcomes across the lifespan for the offspring of survivors, particularly female survivors.”

    “While what I am describing are averages and cannot predict the experience of any individual, I believe that it is a universally severe impact… .”

    Ariel J. Lang, PhD, MPH
    Class of 1991

  • Raymond Chastain

    Worldwide women are excused for abhorent acts of violent both sexual and otherwise.

    If 1 year in jail, 3 years probation, and life time sex offender registry is too little for assault against a 23 year old woman under questionable circumstances, then apparently no jail is perfectly suitable for a mother who sexually assaulted her own child.


    There is also Singapore, where much like until recently in the U.S. only MEN could rape.
    “In an unexpected turn of events, the High Court here on Tuesday cleared a woman of six charges of sexual penetration of a minor after ruling that only a man can be guilty of the offences.”

    Serial Female Rapist? Three years. And yes RAPE, not Sexual Assault which brock was convicted of.

    Get drunk? Kill a man? Don’t worry! Only men are responsible for themselves when they’re drunk! Women just pay a small fine of $1000 after all what is a man’s life worth anyway right? After all it WAS his fault, because he wasn’t dressed properly!

    What about repeat sex crimes against children? Oh look! Another female rapist with a suspended sentence! And she got to keep custody! How surprisingly fair.

    This PhD student is a bigot (like yourself), she cares only about cases where the perpetrator is male.

    You don’t care about cases where women stab children 31 times or cases where women are accused of 35 counts of sexual assault on minors yet allowed to keep custody.

  • Why are you downplaying one as “not rape”? Methinks the rapist doth protest too much.

  • Raymond Chastain

    Wasn’t Rape, it was Sexual Assault.

    Women get away with far far far far far more.

    I love how you all shriek over 1 teenage boy (who was underage and shouldn’t even have been drinking) while an adult woman preys on children, goes from a 35 year sentence to 5 month probation, all while keeping child custody.

  • Why are you busily supporting rapists?

  • Raymond Chastain

    You care so so much about these issues, why haven’t you commented on this?


    Rapist sentenced to 35 years, gets reduced to 5 months probation due to plea deal, she get’s to keep custody of her children and isn’t even put on the Sex Offender Registry just told to not have any more rape fun times with children.

    No bigotry in these Feminist comments, nope.

  • Wait, I back my statement up with legitimate definitions, and your response is a simple retort. Thanks for showing what we already knew: you’re a sack of shit supporting a rapist, or you’re acting like one to get a rise out of people. Regardless, you’re not here in good faith, and your meaningless insults can be dismissed as status quo fuckwittery.

  • agnosic1

    I DO care when someone like yourself posts a BS opinion that “Attempted Rape is incredibly low.

    Low relative to what? Stop the cut-and-paste expertise and do the math. Six-to-seven “rape(s) and sexual assault victimization(s)” per thousand per year is 60-70 per 1000 over ten years and 300-350 per 1000 over fifty years. Or 30-35%; about one-in-three.

    Obviously arguing with an extremist here. A 1991 Stanford graduate is no longer a student. Furthermore, the OP-Ed letter says nothing about the sex of the perpetrator and clearly includes male victims of rape.

    The letter only pauses to include the statement “..it is well established that trauma has intergenerational effects, leading to increased risk of adverse emotional and behavioral outcomes across the lifespan for the offspring of survivors, particularly female survivors.” Meaning that rape victims who later become parents (both mothers and fathers, but particularly mothers) have issues.

  • Lotstosay888

    No because you’re clearly a FUCKING LOSER

  • Lotstosay888

    Rape apologist and an ugly loser. You disgust me

  • Lotstosay888

    OMG you’re such a loser!!! Nobody loves you you ugly fuck

  • Raymond Chastain

    “Attempted Rape is incredibly low.”

    It’s a fact, look at rape (Even completed rape) in comparison to other crimes.

    According to the official stats (See Table 1):

    These are the numbers in descending order.
    Crime Rate per 1000
    Assault 16.5
    Stranger Violence 8.1
    Serious Violence 7.7
    Violent Crime involving Injury 5.2
    Domestic Violence 4.2
    Robbery 2.5
    Rape/Sexual Assault 1.1

    (Note that these number are for MenWomen)

    The only crime to come out with a lower rate of occurrence is Serious Intimate Partner Violence which is a sub category of Serious Violence. So yes, it is in fact the a rare crime, you are far far more likely to face robbery, domestic abuse, assault by a stranger, or assault by someone you know.

    Those are the facts, read it yourself in table 1.

    “Stop the cut-and-paste expertise and do the math. ”

    You can’t even read you moron, it has the LOWEST rate of occurrence of all the crimes in the chart, by your logic Assault must affect nearly everyone as it has a rate nearly 16 times that of Rape/Sexual Assault combined!

    “Obviously arguing with an extremist here. A 1991 Stanford graduate is no longer a student. Furthermore, the OP-Ed letter says nothing about the sex of the perpetrator and clearly includes male victims of rape.”

    And clearly was used only in a case where a male was the perpetrator, meanwhile a woman gets her 35 year sentence for child rape of boys reduced to 5 months while retaining custody of her children. All of the people here only care because the perpetrator is male, none of you act outraged when innocent boys are attacked or falsely accused.

  • Raymond Chastain

    You’re narrowing on one of the RAREST forms of crime, and you have had no outrage over a woman who assaulted multitudes of children getting a mere 5 years PROBATION, while still getting custody.

    You’re a bigot, just like everyone else only commenting on this.

  • Raymond Chastain

    “Low relative to what?”

    Literally every single goddamn form of crime in existence.

  • agnosic1

    “Figure 3: Type of rape or sexual assault experienced by female victims ages 18 to 24, by post-secondary enrollment status, 1995–2013”

    “For the period 1995–2013, females ages 18 to 24 not enrolled in a post-secondary school … experience[d] rape and sexual assault victimization [at a rate of] 7.6 per 1,000.”

    “…students in the same age range [for the period 1995–2013, females ages 18 to 24 … experience[d] rape and sexual assault victimization [at a rate of]] 6.1 per 1,000.”(table 1).

    Non-students (65,700) also accounted for more than double the number of rape and sexual assault victimizations as students (31,300).


  • agnosic1

    “Rape and sexual assault victimization among male students”

    “For the period 1995–2013, the rate of rape and sexual assault victimization was lower for males ages 18 to 24 than for females, regardless of enrollment status (table 3). College-age male victims accounted for 17% of rape and sexual assault victimizations against students and 4% against nonstudents. However, the rate of rape and sexual assault victimization for non-students (0.3 per 1,000) was a fifth of the rate for students (1.4 per 1,000). Due to the relatively small number of sample cases of male victims, this report focuses exclusively on females. Estimates of male rape and sexual assault victimization from the NCVS cannot be further disaggregated by victim and incident characteristics.”


  • Raymond Chastain

    “”For the period 1995–2013, females ages 18 to 24 not enrolled in a post-secondary school … experience[d] rape and sexual assault victimization [at a rate of] 7.6 per 1,000.””

    Correct, women have a higher rate than the gender-neutral average (1.1 per 1000) but still far less than assault. Keep in mind that is Rape AND Sexual Assault.

    “”…students in the same age range [for the period 1995–2013, females ages 18 to 24 … experience[d] rape and sexual assault victimization [at a rate of]] 6.1 per 1,000.”(table 1).”

    “Non-students (65,700) also accounted for more than double the number of rape and sexual assault victimizations as students (31,300).”

    Correct, college campuses are in fact FAR SAFER, which is why as you’ve pointed out WOMEN ARE SAFER ON COLLEGE CAMPUSES.

    These are rates ONLY regarding college age females and NOT ALL WOMEN.

  • Raymond Chastain

    Correct men tend to be safer than women. A large part of this is men tend to protect themselves.

    “In particular, certain actions reduce the risk of rape more than 80 percent compared to nonresistance. The most effective actions, according to victims, are attacking or struggling against their attacker, running away, and verbally warning the attacker. ”

    Teaching women self defense would make them a lot safer.

  • Raymond Chastain

    So Far you’ve taught us:

    – Campus is safer than Off-Campus for women. (Which I had already showed previously)
    – Rape is still a very rare crime (7.6 per 1000 or roughly 7% for college aged women, the rate of rape in the general population is 1.1 per 1000 or 1%) and is one of the rarest crimes (As I proved and you have no ability to rebut evidently).

    And as I bonus, I showed that the National Institute of Justice states the best way to prevent rapesexual assault (Reduction of risk by 80%) is through self defense training for those most vulnerable.

    So….do you have a point? Or are you just here to prove me right more?

  • Raymond Chastain

    Keep in mind, these aren’t even proven rates. These are anonymous surveys. The only way to know for sure a rapesexual assault took place is with a criminal conviction.

    These are the numbers according to the accusers, not the numbers according to the judge and jury.

  • disqus_z2ZDRjkKJs

    This is disgusting. Not only does the judge need sacking, Brock Turner needs re-sentencing by a judge that knows what he’s doing and isn’t bothered about his “swimming”. It makes me so mad that people aren’t hearing both sides of the story and his father clearly is just as bad as him with his “20 minutes of action” statement. Who knows if he “would of stopped” when he got caught. This is happening far too often and not enough punishment or support is being given.

  • Serjo

    Why are you busily being an idiot who demands completely disproportionate punishments for a harmless crime like this?

  • Serjo

    Yeah, I don’t really give a crap about your nonsense.

  • agnosic1

    >> “So….do you have a point? Or are you just here to prove me right more?”

    I thought I’d throw you a bone and let you know that you’re not the only one concerned about male survivors of rape. Not everyone is a bigot on here. But you don’t seem to be willing to correct your earlier statements, so I guess I’ll have to do it for you:

    “Table 1: Average annual number and rate of violent victimization, by poverty level and type of crime, (2008–2012)”
    Total violent crime (TVC) = 23.1
    subtotal of TVC–Simple assault = [15.6]
    subtotal of TVC–Serious violent crime (SVC) = [7.5]
    subtotal of SVC—-Rape/sexual assault = {1.2}
    subtotal of SVC—–Robbery = {2.5}
    subtotal of SVC—–Aggravated assault = {3.8}

    (previously noted:)
    Rape and sexual assault victimization = 7.6 (females ages 18 to 24, non-students)
    Rape and sexual assault victimization = 6.1 (females ages 18 to 24, students)

    The rate of Serious Violent Crime in the general population (7.5 per 1000) is approached/approximated by the rate of “Rape and sexual assault victimization–females ages 18 to 24” (6.1 to 7.6, students and non-students).

    BTW, the most telling indicator of criminal victimization is not sex or age or education, but apparently poverty (Figure 1 below).

    “Household Poverty and Nonfatal Violent Victimization, 2008–2012”

  • Puma_01

    You can pick any case in California history to compare this to, but you have to account for the actual circumstances involved. If your Bakersfield case is apt, perhaps it is because it demonstrates the sentence here was akin to (if somewhat less severe) than would be expected with a plea bargain.

  • Nunyab Db
  • You’re Insightful

    This may not have been an isolated incident for this individual historically or in the future. It is indeed possible that he has done this before and will do it again. If it were an isolated incident, his behavior is highly advanced and not at all rudimentary. There is something deeply disturbing about this man. There is something seemingly necrophilic about what transpired. It was not just some silly drunken encounter. It was most indeed rape, but it was also seemingly necrophilic and obviously opportunistic and later, manipulative in the worst sort of way. I can’t believe his parents and close community have reacted in the way they have and don’t seem to be concerned for their safety, the safety of their loved ones, or the safety of others when it comes to this guy. They are clearly in such utter denial and possibly have been so for years, leading to this endgame for Brock. Pretty sure there are many a socio or psychopaths out there whose close community overlooked red flags when it came to highly concerning behaviors of their deviant, anti-social loved ones. There are many layers of disturbing behaviors here and I for one cannot grasp how anyone, related or not to this individual, could not consider the fact that this man may very well be a full blown sociopath or psychopath.

  • PSuidaePhD

    Only one of them had any actions. The other one was immobile and unconscious.

  • Helmut_Schmidt69

    That is not what the Swedes said in their statement to the police. The woman was on the ground, and he was some distance away puking. One of the Swedes attacked him, and he ran. There are no witnesses that the convicted rapist and victim had any physical contact. All we have is his testimony stating that they left the party approximately 20-30 minutes previously, which is supported by her calling her boyfriend (!) just prior to leaving. So, she was mobile. Then he said they were making out, he felt her up as every sane non-rapist man does to see if vaginal dialation and secretions are indicative of interest and readiness for sex. He then felt sick, and went to puke. At that point, both the Swede’s police report and the convict’s testimony prove he was attacked, and then ran. All they saw was the girl on the ground, and him nearby.

    He was convicted solely of admitting to what obviously was going down, and what goes down every time non-rapists hook up. Real rapists don’t give a shit if a woman is ready for sex.

    I mean, in another reality where sanity prevailed, it’s generally considered extremely rude NOT to feel a woman up before taking things to the next level. At minimum, it’s painful, and if you’re a sadistic rapist, vaginal tearing is a real possibility.

  • Helmut_Schmidt69

    Yet, there is no evidence that any sexual contact took place between them. The convicted sex offender was convicted solely on his own testimony that he was doing what every normal man does in that kind of situation. Make out with girl. Feel girl up. See if she is ready for sex. Take it to the next level if she is. I mean, real rapists to check to see if a woman is turned on with sufficient vaginal secretions and dilation. Yet, this is what he was convicted of.

    Had he kept his mouth shut, all we would have is the Swedes testifying they found this guy puking nearby a woman passed out on the ground.

  • Charlie

    Sarah77… I am on your side. I was just reposting the fundraiser in his home town for his defense because I was appalled. Hold a fundraiser to pay for a sexual predator’s legal defense so he can appeal??? and drag a wonderful young woman through the pine needles again? I am with her. I am every woman. I think I did not post the poster’s name out of decency. I thought it was outrageous to hold a fundraiser for a convicted sexual predator!!!

  • Helmut_Schmidt69

    But we do have evidence she was conscious and ambulatory 20 minutes prior. She left a voicemail with her boyfriend 30 minutes prior telling him she would be home late.

    There is only one thing we know about the assault, because there are no witnesses, no physical evidence of any kind of sexual contact between tem, and the victim doesn’t remember. The convicted rapist admitted to doing what every man does. Make out with her, and feel her up to see how ready she is for sex. The guy was dressed. And wasn’t even near the victim when witnesses arrived.

    Also, he did not run when the Swedes arrived. He ran because they attacked him, and he didn’t know was going on.

    I have read nothing that indicates his story changed. In fact, it is the Swedes’ story that changed, which will likely result in this case being thrown out. I repeat above their statement to police. On the stand, they changed their story to claim he was on top of her.

  • Helmut_Schmidt69

    Witnesses saw her leave the party. She called her boyfriend 30 minutes prior to tell him she would be out late. She was ambulatory a short time prior to passing out. The guy is a lanky swimmer, 150 pounds tops. She walked there, with him.

  • Sarah77

    Oh! Yes, that was confusing since it just looked like you posted it first-person.
    Thanks for the clarification!

  • Helmut_Schmidt69

    There was no positive DNA match. This is not true.

  • southerninsanity

    Stop with the LIES. They saw him ON TOP OF HER.
    And I don’t know any MAN who would be fingering an UNCONSCIOUS WOMAN. You are truly disgusting if you believe the BS that you typed.

  • southerninsanity

    You can’t possibly be this stupid. There are NO witnesses that they were down on the ground willingly and with consent. Neither of them remembered; he claimed she FELL when they were t trial. Stop with your blatant lies of rape apology.

  • Charlie

    The Independent reported his father opened the fundraiser account. It is in Dan Turner’s name.

  • Commenter 37
  • Commenter 37

    Yes, there was. It’s true.

  • Sarah77

    I’ve seen a few references all over abut fundraisers.
    I’ll remove my original reply to your post : )
    Take care

  • Helmut_Schmidt69

    No, he felt her up (3rd base) as part of the normal escalation process. There is no evidence of any sexual contact, only Brock’s testimony.