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Chubbies expands shorts empire with new winter line


As winter grows closer by the day and the temperature starts falling, you may be wondering how in the world you’re going to be able to wear your beloved Chubbies short shorts throughout the impending winter months.

Have no fear: Chubbies is launching their very own winter line, centered on a new lineup of quarter-zips meant to go with their iconic shorts.

Chubbies launches its new fall collection today, featuring sweaters and zip-fleeces. Courtesy Chubbies.
Chubbies launches its new fall collection today, featuring sweaters and zip-fleeces. Courtesy Chubbies.

Chubbies, founded by four Stanford fraternity brothers in 2011, sells shorts that focus on the weekend attire market. The founders started Chubbies with the goal of creating a funny, outrageous brand. The result was a successful startup that, in a sea of others, thankfully doesn’t take itself seriously.

Four years after graduation, cofounders Kyle Hency ‘07, Tom Montgomery ‘08, Preston Rutherford ‘08 and Rainier Castillo ‘07 found themselves all working in different industries but wanting to come together to sell a product that they truly loved. They decided that the most natural thing to sell was what had defined their weekends all through school: the shorter shorts from the ’70s and ’80s that were comfortable and just retro enough to be cool. In true Stanford fashion, since they couldn’t find them anywhere, they decided to sell them themselves.

“The weekend is becoming more and more endangered,” said Rutherford, explaining that Chubbies’ mission is to add lightheartedness back into the weekend. Since weekends don’t disappear as the weather cools down, Chubbies has decided to expand their brand so you can keep on celebrating the weekend in your favorite attire in the winter months. Since the entire focus of Chubbies is focused on a deep hatred toward pants, their new winter attire will be featuring a line of extremely comfortable sweatshirts.

The Spangler Full Front
Courtesy Chubbies

The founders noticed that there weren’t any sweatshirts on the market which they felt were as casual and comfortable as their shorts. This is what led to the launch of their new line of winter gear, they explained.

Chubbies is trying to replicate the feeling of sweatshirts like the ones that your parents wore during college. In an effort to replicate this vintage feel, sweatshirts are made of material that has already been washed

So, if you’re looking to perfect your winter look, these matching sweatshirts could be a great combination for the hilarious 5.5-inch inseam short shorts all you already have in your closet.


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