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In response to: ‘Nonprofit releases guidebook to help veterans find the right college’


To the Editor:

Jeremy Quach’s Feb. 24 article provides an overview of Service to School’s veterans’ guidebook to undergraduate education, which claims “for-profit” colleges prey on returning veterans, advising them to stay away.

In reality, private-sector colleges, like DeVry University, provide a solid educational foundation for returning veterans. Veterans choose private-sector colleges because they can benefit from a quality academic experience along with flexible scheduling and support as they readjust to civilian life. DeVry University is proud to support America’s veterans in reaching their academic and career goals by assisting them as they transition from a military life, to the classroom, to a new career.

For decades, DeVry University has had the honor of educating America’s military. In the 1940s, DeVry was selected by the U.S. Government to educate Army Air Corps instructors on electronic devices. Following WWII, DeVry became one of the first schools approved to use the original G.I. Bill®. Today, DeVry remains committed to our soldiers’ success as they serve our country and achieve their educational goals.

DeVry University is focused on helping each individual veteran make the best decision for themselves and their families. Prior to enrolling, many veterans meet in person with a Military Education Liaison; or, if they will attend online, they speak with a designated military admission representative. The interview is a two-way process; we are interviewing them and they are also allowed to interview us. The interview culminates with a formal assessment. Throughout the enrollment process, DeVry University always strives to do what is in the best interest of the veteran.

Upon acceptance to our University, we take pride in supporting veterans with their transition from a military life to the classroom. Our student support advisors and academic representatives work closely with all students, including military students, to complete their educational plans, identify potential barriers to success and review resources to overcome those barriers. We also offer military and veteran clubs at many of our campuses.

Most importantly, DeVry University offers career services for life for all graduates, including those in the military. This means that once a service member graduates, they will continue to have the support to help find a civilian job. DeVry University understands what employers are looking for, and we also know how to help our military students and graduates prepare to advance their careers.

Along with my DeVry University colleagues, I am committed to helping veteran students succeed in their educational journeys.


Robert Paul


DeVry University

Contact Robert Paul through Donna Shaults at dshaults ‘at’ 

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