Artsy launches emerging curator competition


If you are one of those students who, like me, still hasn’t quite figured out where the engineering quad is, but can locate Cummings on a map with a blindfold on, I have some exciting news.

This Monday, Artsy — the wonderful organization for art education and collecting, not the terrible adjective for creative types— launched a new Emerging Curator Competition with the Robert Rauschenberg Foundation. 

According to the press release, applicants will put together an exhibit proposal using images of artworks from Artsy’s archives as well as images of Rauschenberg works, all using Artsy’s new digital curation tools. 

The winner’s exhibition will be featured on Artsy, and the Rauschenberg Foundation will loan the student the works to put up a physical exhibition on his or her campus. Seriously.

The competition is open to all undergraduate and graduate students,  and the deadline for submissions is October 2oth. So get crackin’. Show them Stanford’s not just a bunch of computer geeks… we’re a bunch of geeks with ~artistic sensibilities~, too. 

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