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Bing Concert Hall opens to praises


The St. Lawrence String Quartet performed at the Bing Concert Hall opening night. ANDREW HAN/ The Stanford Daily

The long-awaited Bing Concert Hall opened Jan. 11 with a musical ensemble of professional and student groups. Here are some reactions from performers ans attendees.

Michael Tilson Thomas, music director, San Francisco Symphony orchestra

“We had a lovely, lovely experience. We just went out there and started playing, and it was so exciting. We had a lot of clarity and ability to really discern the quality of each section of the orchestra. We look forward to being back here more and really having a little more time to exalt in this beautiful space.”

John Adams, composer

“This year Stanford finally, in addition to all the fantastic facilities they have, [has] a great facility for the performing arts. It took a lot of time, and we’re very thrilled to be here, and I particularly thought that the San Francisco Symphony sounded just fantastic tonight.”

Yasuhisa Toyota, Bing Concert Hall chief acoustician

“First of all, I’m so happy. I’m so happy, because this is just the beginning. For instance, the string quartet did a very good job, but still, when I heard them rehearse here, a couple months ago, the ensemble sounds much better today. It means that it is still going up. So this is just in the start. I hope that I can come back to listen to music more…everything will be more fruitful.”

Jennifer Brody, chair of the dance and theater performance department

“I think [Bing Concert Hall’s opening] marks the beginning of a new era in the arts and that I’m pleased that it’s going to be an interdisciplinary space and that it’s able to draw so much fellowship and good work.”

Timothy Hartung, Bing Concert Hall architect

“It’s fantastic, it’s very intimate and it’s aesthetically very wonderful and just seeing it full of people and seeing their faces and hearing the music–it’s a fantastic experience.”

Lesley Robertson, St. Lawrence String Quartet (Viola)

“It’s a spectacular venue, and we’re very richly rewarded here; it’s such a gift to the community, to the Stanford students, faculty and community. It’s fantastic; we couldn’t be happier. I wouldn’t say it’s a new beginning because it’s always been a vibrant scene here, but it’s coming together and we couldn’t ask for a more beautiful setting. [Bing Concert Hall] is just perfect, really, for chamber music anyway, and we’re loving it.”

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