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Football: Stanford burns through initial 31,000 ticket Rose Bowl allotment, continues to sell

Stanford has sold its initial allocation of 31,000 tickets for January’s Rose Bowl matchup with Wisconsin in close to 24 hours, the school announced Tuesday afternoon, and continues to sell while securing additional tickets for the game. Student tickets have yet to go on sale; they will be available online starting Wednesday morning at 9 a.m. PST, but are expected to sell out very quickly. According to a tweet from Associate Athletic Director Kevin Blue, “no ticket buyer will be turned away” at this time.

After selling through the school’s early allotment, “we have secured the ability to continue to sell tickets and meet the demand of every Stanford fan that is seeking to buy tickets,” said Director of Football Administration Mike Eubanks. “It is in the great interest of the University and the Athletic Department to have as many students be able to go and have the Rose Bowl experience.”

Plenty of demand for tickets is already being seen on the secondary market. Stubhub.com lists numerous club-level seats at the Rose Bowl for upwards of $1,400, with the cheapest listings in the upper end zone at $150 per ticket – the stadium seats 92,452.

Stanford announced Tuesday it has sold out its initial allotment of 31,000 tickets for the Rose Bowl and has requested more.

The return of Stanford to the Rose Bowl as the Pac-12 champion for the first time since losing to the Badgers on New Year’s Day in 2000 and the resurgence of Stanford football in general has led to extremely high demand for tickets.

As is the custom with nearly all bowl games, each participating school is given an allotment of tickets that they are responsible for selling. This year the figure for both Wisconsin and Stanford was somewhere around 31,000.

Although Stanford has not actually sold 31,000 tickets yet, anticipated demand for student tickets as well as tickets reserved for season ticket holders pushed the Cardinal over the top and necessitated the school to ask the Rose Bowl for more seats to sell.

The deadline for existing Stanford Athletics ticket holders to submit deferred bowl applications online is still Thursday, Dec. 6, at noon PST.

It is still unknown how many additional tickets remain for the game, but Senior Associate Athletic Director Earl Koberlein tweeted that “Stanford has arranged for more tickets from Rose Bowl and is continuing to sell.”

Criticized in national circles for having a reputation as being a poor traveling team in terms of fan attendance at bowl games and on the road, Stanford continues to prove that the stereotype is undeserved. The Cardinal sold out its allotment to last year’s Fiesta Bowl, outsold Virginia Tech two years ago at the Orange Bowl and OU three years ago at the Sun Bowl.

Wisconsin hast yet to announce that it has sold its allotment, and Oregon publicly announced today that it has not yet sold out its 17,500 allotment of tickets for the Ducks’ Fiesta Bowl matchup with Kansas State.


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  • T

    We played in the Sun Bowl in El Paso three years ago, not the Alamo Bowl which is in San Antonio.

  • Yeahhh

    I love how we get the rep for being bad fans and yet we’ve sold 31,000 tickets and Oregon is supposed to have the best fans ever and they haven’t sold 17,500. Oh the irony.

  • Anon

    What kind of logic is this? Initially it says we sold 31,000 tickets, but then it says “Stanford did not actually sell 31,000 tickets” later in the article. Let me ask the question like my third grader: did we or did we not sell 31,000 tickets, yes or no?

  • Miles Bennett-Smith

    Sorry for any confusion. It is our understanding that we have likely sold close to 31,000 tickets, but we were not provided with any exact figures of tickets already purchased at this point. Since student tickets go on sale tomorrow morning, there is an expectation that several thousand tickets will be bought very quickly by the student population, as well as the issue of people claiming tickets but not necessarily buying them. All things add up to ticket demand from Stanford fans clearly exceeding 31,000, perhaps by several thousand at this point and with the potential to climb even higher in the coming days. Given the high demand, the Athletics Department has confirmed that they have made efforts to secure more tickets and they have continued to sell to fans because they fully intend to meet all ticket demand in coordination with the Tournament of Roses Association. Thanks for the question, hope this helps!

  • Anon

    Still couldn’t provide a simple ‘yes’ or ‘no’ response. Once again, have we or have we not (actually) sold 31,000 tickets?

  • Old Gregg

    To be fair, Phoenix is an 18 hour drive from Portland, while Pasadena is only 6 hours from San Francisco. Not to mention the huge number of Stanford alumni that live in LA.

  • cmon

    Maybe he couldn’t reply with a simple yes or no because the answer is more complex than that?

  • no, not really ironic.

    They also sell out their home games. We were unable to sell out the conference championship, let alone the majority of our regular season games.

  • Cardinal93

    Maybe it’s due to the fact that most of our alums live pretty dang far from Stanford to be able to make a game on Friday at 5pm…

  • no, not really ironic.

    Yes, that’s true of the Pac-12 Championship. Stanford also hasn’t been to a Rose Bowl since the 1999 season (before that, the early 70s), whereas Oregon has been to two Rose Bowls and one National Championship Game in the last three years. This is the worst bowl game Oregon has been to in four seasons, is farther away than Pasadena, and is not the National Championship. Given that the situations aren’t at all comparable, our current Rose Bowl ticket sales are a pretty terrible indicator of who has “better fans.” Not saying that Oregon fans are better, just that the comparison is uninformed and the situation not at all ironic.

  • Anon

    I’ll take that as a ‘no’…and move on.

  • james

    Anon, I get the feeling your third grade kid could understand this better than you. Why don’t you let him read Miles’ response and explain it to you.